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Some of the New Things to Do During Dubai Tour

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Dubai is a city that is continually changing, and there are always new things to see and do. If you’re planning a vacation to Dubai, here are a few fresh additions to your itinerary:

Visit the Museum of the Future. 

Anyone interested in innovation and technology should

visit this new museum. The museum is intended to encourage visitors to consider the future and how they might influence it.

You’ll be welcomed by a stunning architectural marvel as you enter the museum. The structure is a work of art in and of itself, with a futuristic design that combines sustainable components. Inside, there are a variety of interactive exhibitions and installations highlighting developing technology and their possible uses, WithSafe Driver DXB,” visitors can experience firsthand the potential benefits of this technology, such as reduced accidents, improved traffic flow, and enhanced accessibility for all. Through interactive simulations, you can even immerse yourself in a virtual ride-along to witness the capabilities of these cutting-edge driver services.

Some of the New Things to Do During Dubai Tour
Some of the New Things to Do During Dubai Tour

Take a desert safari. 

This is a traditional Dubai experience that remains as popular as ever. You’ll get the opportunity to participate in dune bashing, sandboarding, and visit a Bedouin camp. To begin, picture being picked up from your location by a competent deserts safari guide in a comfortable 4×4 vehicle. As you leave the city, the urban environment will gradually give way to enormous swaths of golden sand dunes.

Visit the Al Qudra Lakes. 

This is a new natural reserve with a diverse wildlife population, including flamingos, turtles, and gazelles. In the reserve, you may go for a stroll, bike trip, or boat ride. Imagine arriving at the lakes and find oneself surrounded by a large stretch of golden sand dunes. As you get closer, you’ll notice a chain of linked lakes sparkling in the sunshine. The lakes were built to offer a haven of safety for migrating birds and local animals, making it a popular destination for nature lovers.

Some of the New Things to Do During Dubai Tour
Al Qudra Lakes from Above 1

Enjoy a trip to the Global Village. 

This is a major theme park open all year. Over 60 nations have pavilions where you may learn about their cultures firsthand.

Future World and International Fair were the two elementary parts of Epcot. Future World is concerned with technology advancements, scientific discoveries, and futuristic notions. You may visit sites that cover a wide range of themes, such as space exploration, renewable energy, and ocean wonders.

Fly over Dubai in a hot air balloon. 

This is a genuinely one-of-a-kind way to experience the city. You’ll receive an up-close view of all the key sites. Certainly! Envision yourself on a hot air balloon flight above Dubai to take in the stunning scenery and capture the soul of this bustling metropolis. Let’s go on a virtual hot-air balloon ride together!

Some of the New Things to Do During Dubai Tour
Some of the New Things to Do During Dubai Tour

Parachuting above the Palm Jumeirah. 

Parachuting above Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is a thrilling adventure that provides stunning views of this unique man-made island. While we can’t participate in the action physically, let’s envision the wonderful journey together!

Kitesurfing in Kite Beach. 

Kitesurfing in Dubai‘s Kite Beach is an exciting and popular water activity that combines aspects of surfing, windsurfing, and kite flying. Let us picture the wonderful experience shared, even if we can’t physically participate!

Driving off-road in the desert.

Off-road driving in the desert is an exciting and adventurous experience that allows you to explore the harsh terrain and large sand dunes. While we can’t participate in the action physically, I can surely assist you visualize the thrill of off-road desert driving!

Whatever your interests are, there will be something new to do in Dubai. If you want an easy and secure means to go around, consider hiring a car with a safe driver. This allows you to visit the city at your leisure and experience all Dubai has to offer.


Dubai is a city that is always developing, with new things to see and do all the time. If you’re going to Dubai, be sure to include some of these unique activities on your agenda. You will not be let down!

Here are some more recommendations for hiring a car with a safe driver in Dubai:

  • Book a vehicle that fits your needs. If you intend to drive frequently, you’ll need a vehicle that gets good gas mileage.
  • Remember to obey the traffic laws. Dubai’s traffic regulations differ from those of other countries. Make sure that you comprehend the regulations before you start driving.
  • With a little anticipatory thinking, you may rent car with driver dubai and enjoy a peaceful and joyful travel to Dubai.

You may rent a car with a safe driver and have a safe and happy journey to Dubai with a little forethought.


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