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Sour Diesel: Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Sour Diesel Strain can be described as a well-known hybrid sativa that stands out by its uplifting effects and distinct fuel-like flavor. Find out more in this review of this sativa.

Sour Diesel is among the most well-known cannabis strains. Its stimulating cerebral effects and distinctive aroma reminiscent of fuel has earned her the famous reputation. Athletes, artists and every day stoner will discover something they love about this powerful strain.

Characteristics Of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a sativa-leaning (70 70% of sativa) hybrid that has a medium-high THC amount. This is one of the most well-known sativas currently available and exhibits an unusually savory flavor and aroma.

Sour Diesel can be described as a powerful hybrid that is bred with Diesel as well as Northern Light. Combining a powerful sativa with an almost pure indica instantly established Sour Diesel as an unprecedented high-end kind of. It’s and will continue to be among the top renowned cultivars of sativa that is enjoyed across the globe.

The reason behind Sour Diesel’s popularity is because of its extremely strong scent that is dominated by the scent of petrol, herb, as well as a hint of citrus and spice.

Alongside her energizing flavor, Sour Diesel is equally appreciated for the buzzing head high she gives which doesn’t cause the body to suffer from the fatigue that usually comes from the strains that have her potency. So, this strain is considered to be a wonderful alternative for daytime use to increase energy and spark creativity. Based on the phenotype and seed bank the THC concentrations of Sour Diesel vary between 18% and 26%, which is certainly strong enough to deliver the full spectrum of effects.

How To Grow Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a strain that has a moderate difficulty. While she’s not difficult to handle, her long flowering period makes the strain better suitable for those with some prior experience.

Yield Outdoor 600-700g/plant

Sour Diesel yields excellent results indoors and outdoors since she’s not as tall as the other Sativas. In an average indoor setting the plants can reach heights of 100 to 130 cm, meaning she’s still easily able to handle. The downside of this sativa-leaning variety is her lengthy flowering time of around 10 weeks. When it comes time to harvest the strain can produce 450-600g/m2 under ideal conditions.

Outdoors-grown, Sour Diesel prefers it hot and sunny with lots of sun. It also requires very fertile soil for the best results. The length of her flowering period can extend harvest until the beginning of November. Therefore, it is best planted outside in Southern regions that have long summers. If all goes according to plan however, outdoor growers can expect massive plants that can yield between 600 and 700g.

Sour Diesel: Flavour & Effects

Sour Diesel has a particularly strong aroma that blends signature diesel scents with Skunk mixed with sour citrus and spices. Smoking this strain is similar to having a meal that was perfectly cooked at a Michelin star restaurant, however, this one will take you soaring.

Her primary effect is cerebral, boosting the mind, but not sending it into the orbit. The effect is minimal on the body, just enough to relax without causing any major lethargy. Her energy is invigorating and energising effect, which is perfect for any activity, from writing and painting to household chores.

This creates Sour Diesel a good daytime smoke for those looking for motivation and inspiration and seeking a good wake-and-bake candidate. Many people love the strain due to its uplifting and positive effects. But, due to the high-intoxicating nature of the strain, Sour Diesel is not advised for people who are prone to anxiety or paranoia while smoking cannabis.

Final Verdict: Sour Diesel Is Nothing Short Of Iconic

While not the most straightforward or fastest to cultivate, Sour Diesel is a must-plant for those who love sativa. Her distinctive flavor as well as her “upper” high is too amazing to not take in.

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