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10 Steps to Mastering the Arknights Tier List

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In the world of mobile gaming, Arknights has emerged as one of the most popular and captivating tower defense strategy games. Players are immersed in a post-apocalyptic universe, where they take on the role of a doctor leading a team of powerful and diverse operators. With numerous operators available, each possessing unique abilities, players often find themselves seeking guidance on how to form the most effective squads. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the Arknights Tier List, providing you with a detailed ranking of operators based on their performance, versatility, and overall value in the game.

Understanding the Tier List

A Arknights Tier List is a ranking system that assesses the overall performance and usefulness of operators across various roles. Operators are categorized into different tiers, ranging from S-Tier (the highest) to D-Tier (the lowest), based on their abilities, stats, and potential in different game modes. It is important to note that while the Arknights Tier List offers valuable insights, it is not a strict rulebook. Players are encouraged to experiment with different combinations of operators to suit their playstyle and tackle specific challenges.

S-Tier Operators: Unleashing Unrivaled Power

Ansel: The Healing Virtuoso

Ansel, with his incredible healing abilities, stands as a cornerstone in any squad. His talent to rapidly recover the health of multiple allies makes him invaluable in challenging battles.

Exusiai: The Sniper Supremacy

Exusiai’s precision and devastating firepower make her a dominant force on the battlefield. Her skill to target multiple enemies simultaneously ensures that the opposition stands no chance.

SilverAsh: The Beacon of Annihilation

SilverAsh’s sheer offensive capabilities and crowd-control skills make him a true menace to enemies. His ability to unleash a powerful wave of damage can turn the tide in even the most desperate situations.

A-Tier Operators: The Reliable Support

Texas: The Vanguard Commander

Texas leads the charge with her vanguard expertise, generating deployment points quickly, and her combat prowess ensures she can hold her ground when needed.

Lappland: The Fierce Werewolf

Lappland’s agility and swift attacks give her an edge in cutting down enemies. Her unique skill can silence enemy casters, preventing them from using their dangerous abilities.

Angelina: The Ice-cold Strategist

Angelina excels in controlling the battlefield. Her arts damage and crowd control abilities make her a force to be reckoned with.

B-Tier Operators: Solid and Versatile

Siege: The Mobile Fortress

Siege takes on the role of a powerful defender with her high health pool and crowd management skills. She is effective in buying time for your other operators to deal damage.

Specter: The Indomitable Wraith

Specter’s ability to regenerate health while dealing significant damage allows her to hold down important chokepoints with ease.

Hoshiguma: The Rock-Solid Defender

Hoshiguma is a durable defender who excels at absorbing damage and protecting her teammates from harm.

C-Tier Operators: Competent and Balanced

Jessica: The Explosive Sniper

Jessica’s explosive ammunition is useful for clearing groups of enemies. Though not as powerful as some other snipers, she still gets the job done.

Steward: The Tactical Medic

Steward provides essential healing support for your squad, ensuring they stay in peak condition during lengthy battles.

Gummy: The Sweet Protector

Gummy is a reliable medic who can patch up multiple injured operators at once, helping to keep the team on its feet.

D-Tier Operators: Specialized Skills

Deepcolor: The Artistic Alchemist

Deepcolor’s unique abilities revolve around controlling the movement of enemies, making her a niche operator in specific situations.

Popukar: The Explosive Artist

Popukar’s explosive attacks can clear groups of weaker enemies, but her limited range and single-target damage limit her effectiveness against tougher foes.

Orchid: The Stealthy Siren

Orchid’s ability to confuse enemies and divert their attention can be handy in certain scenarios, but her overall impact is limited compared to higher-tier operators.


In the world of Arknights, operators are the heart and soul of your strategy. By understanding the Arknights Tier List and the strengths of each operator, you can build powerful squads capable of conquering any challenge that comes your way. Remember, a mix of high-tier and lower-tier operators can often surprise your opponents and lead to unexpected victories. Embrace the vast array of characters and experiment with different combinations to uncover your ultimate winning strategy!


What is a Arknights Tier List?

A Arknights Tier List is a ranking system that evaluates the performance and usefulness of operators in Arknights based on their abilities and potential in various scenarios.

How often does the Tier List get updated?

The Arknights Tier List is subject to regular updates as the game evolves and new operators are introduced, ensuring that the rankings remain relevant and accurate.

Can lower-tier operators be effective with the right strategy?

Absolutely! Lower-tier operators can shine when used strategically or in combination with higher-tier ones. Their unique abilities may provide unexpected advantages.

Are there any free-to-play operators in the S-Tier?

Yes, some free-to-play operators can reach S-Tier status, demonstrating that skillful play and understanding their strengths can elevate their performance.

Can operators move up or down the Tier List over time?

Certainly! As the game balance changes and new content is introduced, operator rankings may shift, causing them to move between different tiers. Always stay informed about updates to maximize your team’s potential.

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