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A Guide to Learning UI/UX Design: Explore Top Reasons & Benefits

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There are several explanations for why the UI design industry has expanded so quickly over the past ten years. The popularity of mobile apps has increased, and someone needs to create all of this new UI! Second, as devices become more capable overall, more intriguing UI interactions like touch and pressure sensitivity are made possible.

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Additionally, excellent user interface has progressed beyond being merely desired. Even a competitive advantage could result from it. If your app is difficult to use or not pleasurable to use, users will notice and probably go on to your competition. For those who want to become UI designers, this is fantastic news because it implies there will be more employment opportunities, not to mention more fascinating work!

The pay for UI designers is also rising quickly. The average UI designer pay, according to, is roughly $92,000. That’s actually rather good!

How does UI design differ from UX design, and what exactly is UI design?

Assume you work for a company that develops a well-known music app for mobile devices.

Making the app user-friendly is your responsibility as a UX designer. To develop user flows, which illustrate how a user navigates the software, you take information from user research. From the signup screen to the home screen, how do people get there? How do they create a fresh playlist? Where are users losing their patience? The answers to these queries come from the UI designer.

Based on information provided by the UI designer, it is your responsibility as a UI designer to create the app’s visual elements. You spend your time creating new sections for the app, enhancing those that are already there, and making sure that the look is maintained throughout.

Although UI design is seen as a part of UX design, the two disciplines are highly distinct. These jobs frequently cross over with one another. For instance, a UI designer might take part in user research or user flow design in addition to being involved in the design process. This, in my opinion, is what frequently results in a misunderstanding between the two fields.

However, UI and UX design will typically be divided into two independent jobs in software teams. Because of the increased concentration this offers the designers, the end result is a better product.

User Interface Design is Creative Fun and Difficult

UI designers are artists, despite the fact that they may not be artists in the conventional sense. While there is a lot of room for creativity when creating user interfaces, you can also apply recognisable design patterns to streamline your work.

So, whether you see yourself as more analytical or artistic, choosing a career in UI design might be a smart move.

In addition, UI design is fun! The satisfaction that comes from fixing interface problems is unmatched. And it’s genuinely fantastic when you see someone utilising your interface.

This kind of work can be interesting and difficult. It is up to us designers to stay up to date because things might change quickly. Great designers are keenly aware of the fact that new platforms, fashions, and software are constantly emerging. They have no qualms about experimenting with and creating for cutting-edge technologies.

Moving pixels around on a screen is only one aspect of what it takes to be an UI designer. Accepting the design process is the key. It all comes down to attempting something new, putting it to the test, and refining it until you find the best answer to the problem. Like everything important, this can occasionally be challenging and irritating, but that’s how you learn.

You Get To Work with Other Extraordinary Folks

Any software team must include UI designers. To make the software as useful and appealing as feasible, they work closely with product managers, programmers, and UX (user experience) designers. The collaborative nature of my job as a UI designer is one of my favourites. You have the chance to learn from others every day, which will certainly improve you as a designer.

Always consider what you can gain from a team before deciding to join one. If the response is negative, look elsewhere. Although it may sound unusual, you should always want to be the most ignorant person present because it indicates that you are surrounded by intelligent individuals. You grow as a result. The way to greatness is along this route.

Working closely with others creates bonds. Some of the most important friendships I’ve had have come from working with others to accomplish a goal. Some of my most valuable teachings have also been imparted to me by these people.

You Are Free To Work from Anywhere

Being a UI designer has several advantages, including working from anywhere. From a charming little coffee shop in Budapest, Hungary, I’m writing this. Using contemporary communication tools, you can appear to be in the same room as your coworkers even if you’re thousands of miles apart.

In reality, entire companies operate entirely online. This implies that there won’t be a central office! Two fantastic examples of highly effective remote businesses are Buffer and Zapier.

This distant perspective isn’t going away either. This year, 63 million people are anticipated to work from home, a 43% rise from previous years. The increasing expansion of remote employment, despite the fact that it is still a relatively new concept, is excellent news for aspiring UI designers.

UI Design Education

At this point, you’re probably eager to learn UI design. High salaries, inventiveness, enjoyment, and remote work all sound wonderful! But how do you even get started? You can start your career as a user interface designer in a number of different ways.

Online Programs

Online tutorials are widely available and might be useful for learning how to build UI. Be wary, though, as many of these could be outdated. Additionally, since the learning is self-directed, determining what to learn and when might be challenging.

Online YouTube Videos

I’m a big supporter of using YouTube videos as educational resources. A quick search will turn up a tonne of instructional videos. It can be challenging to know where to start and how to make sure you’re gaining a comprehensive understanding of design, though, as with online tutorials.

A College Degree

There’s always the option to pursue a traditional education by enrolling in a university or technical college. The aspect of this course that appeals to me the most is that it can lead to a well-rounded education. The thing I don’t enjoy about it is how expensive it is most of the time. Additionally, I detest having to devote time to general education courses rather than just UI design.

Online Education

Online courses appeal to me because they offer advantages that self-guided learning does not. To start with, it’s much more focused and comprehensive because you’re following a curriculum. Second, you’ll be given a mentor who will respond to your inquiries and lead you through the course in many courses, including the one provided by Career Foundry. This makes a significant difference and was the main area in which I felt I needed improvement when I initially began studying UI design ten years ago.

This can mean the difference between being able to attend or not because these courses are typically far less expensive and more flexible than traditional college courses.

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