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The 5 Best Side Quests In Cassette Beasts

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There are a lot of side quests in Cassette Beasts. Put these first.

Like most good RPGs, Cassette Beasts has a lot of side quests that can be as short as a second or as long as an hour. You’ll want to do them all to get the most out of the game, but that’s not always easy. Maybe you’re really busy in real life and can only play a little bit each week. Or maybe you play so many different games that you need to know the best parts of each one before you can move on.

We’ve got you covered either way. Friends, if you want to do well in New Wirral, you should put these side quests ahead of the others.

On The Hunt

After Kayleigh shows you around Ranger Headquarters in Harbourtown, go through the back door. This will take you to an upper platform where you can find Hoylake. After you say hello to each other, Hoylake tells you to find a certain Cassette Beast and record it for him.

“On the Hunt” is a set of five similar tasks that will take you to early parts of New Wirral and give you rewards for what you catch. But what it opens is much more important. Once “On the Hunt” is done, Hoylake will reward players for reaching record number milestones. Just like Pokemon Professors do when they give out catches.

Be sure to start this quest right away to get the prizes. Which include a lot of Fused Materials and much more.

A Little Inspiration

Cassette Beasts Bulletin Board

This one is easy. After noticing that one of the three Harbourtown sticker sellers is missing. You are told to check out a cave in the park area. Just go to the right place, solve one or two puzzles if you can’t get to a certain spot. And the shopkeeper will be saved in time.

This is important because this seller adds another full set of stickers that are always changing. And some of them can only be bought from them. Don’t keep yourself from having a full choice every day.

I Ran So Far Away

Cassette Beasts Kayleigh Quest

“I Ran So Far Away” is Kayleigh’s personal quest, and if you keep her with you sometimes, she’ll eventually tell you enough about herself at campfires and/or the Gramophone Cafe table that you’ll learn she needs to get to Mourningtown to settle an old score with a crazy boy named Dorian.

Not only is the story interesting, but you’ll have to do this one way or another. Because it’s the only way to unlock an Archangel. Most importantly. It lets you buy from a new shopkeeper in Mourningtown and gives you more heart levels for fusion with Kayleigh.

The One With The Church

Cassette Beasts Cherry Meadow

If there’s a side quest that’s directly related to this. We haven’t found it (yet), so no, “The One With the Church” is not a real task. All of that is us. What’s important is that it takes place at Glastainbury Abbey, an abandoned church in the Cherry Meadow part of New Wirral.

You shouldn’t come here until you’re at least level 40 and have a strong team and plenty of healing items. With the Electromagnetism puzzle, you need to solve a simple task to call a very powerful Cassette Beast.

It’s a Glass-type bird that can break a lot of glass on the battlefield very quickly. Which can really hurt your team. But if you stick with it, you’ll get one of Cassette Beasts game’s “legendary Pokemon.”

…And The One With The Bridge

Cassette Beasts Jumpkin Patch

This is another one of those small side quests that we can’t find an official name for. But trust us, it’s a pretty important one. When you’ve looked around New Wirral enough to find the Piper Farm, which is just west of Harbourtown but across enough obstacles that you can’t get there until much later in Snake Game, you’ll want to deal with the bridge that’s drawn up but can’t be moved.

You hear from Mr. Piper that it’s stuck. Heal up and walk right into the weird ooze puddle next to the bridge. There will be some monsters to fight. Then, the bridge to Harbourtown is opened, giving you a great way to get there faster.

Your real prize, though, is that you can now mess with the pumpkin fields, which leads to fights with Jumpkins. If you record a Jumpkin, you get the Vine Climb Ball ability. Which can help you get up otherwise impossible heights while you’re exploring.

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