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The Best Online Custom Embroidery Services Of 2023

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Thread Logic

Thread Logic is the world’s most comprehensive embroidery service because it’s ideal for businesses and consumers. The company’s straightforward pricing includes basic logo embroidery with no stitch counts. Plus, there are no minimum orders, suitable for small companies and freelancers.

Thread Logic’s pricing is lower than the companies we evaluated. For example, you’ll pay $15 to $20 for a basic polo shirt with a logo. However, remember that if you order less than $300 of the product, you’ll incur a $50 batch fee.

On the plus side, uploading a logo is easy. On the downside, there isn’t a built-in design program. But you can view an introductory preview of your logo on the shirt.

Thread Logic’s customer service setup includes a live, toll-free phone line. To help you gauge customer satisfaction, user reviews are on most product pages. Turnaround time averages 10 days for regular orders and six days for rush orders.

Best Budget: Stitch America

If your main goal is to get the lowest price for a simple, embroidered product, check out Stitch America. Of all the evaluated companies, its pricing was the most economical despite a minimum order requirement. You must order a minimum of 12 items to qualify, but the price is still lower than other companies with minimums.

One of Stitch America’s most popular sellers is its performance polo shirt, which sells for $12. There’s also a selection of hats available for around $10 a piece. This cost includes Custom Embroidered Jackets Seattle in one location.

For cost-saving reasons, this company does not provide proofs of embroidered items before ordering. However, Stitch America will send you a visual before your item enters into production. Once you approve, your order will be produced and shipped within five business days. If you plan to order several shirts, you can request an embroidered sample for around $125. The cost will be deducted from your final order if you purchase at least 12 pieces.

Best for fulfilment: Printful

Are you starting a business selling custom embroidered apparel and accessories? If so, check out Printful. This company has a track record of success and has produced more than 48.2 million items since 2013. Its seamless drop-shipping feature pairs with several online selling platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

This company fulfils responsibly, which means it can fulfil an embroidery order only when one is purchased. There are no minimums, and you’ll save overhead by not stocking unsold inventory and shipping materials. Printful ships your order using your brand labels and packaging, so your items don’t have a generic “drop-shipper” feel.

Printful also has a mobile app that helps streamline the process and keep track of current shipments. As your business grows, Printful’s sales team can help you scale and reduce costs.

Best Turnaround Time: Rush Order Tees

Rush Order Tees can deliver a rush order within two business days. However, this seems nearly impossible when you consider what it takes to proof, produce, and ship a custom embroidered product.

But this company can complete orders quickly because it has a well-equipped staff and a built-in design program on its website. You can design, see a preview, and then approve the product before placing your order. In addition, there are live project specialists you can chat with and a toll-free number with representatives who can help you complete the process promptly.

Check out the company’s quote calculator for an accurate estimate based on your specs since prices are unavailable online.

Best Platform: Custom Ink

Custom Ink has invested a lot of resources into its Design Lab, allowing you to design and preview products on the website. This program is more sophisticated than Rush Order Tees and includes more options. In addition, Custom Ink has an artwork library with more than 68,000 graphics you can add to your designs.

Overall, the website is easy to navigate, and there are several sections where you can contact a representative if you’re having trouble. In addition, there are a variety of product options available, and each item has specific minimum order requirements.

Custom Ink has been a highly reputable company in business since 1999 and prides itself on creating professional-looking custom designs. However, screen printing is its primary focus (not embroidery), so you may save more money by choosing one of the other companies on our list. If you select Custom Ink, expect your product to ship within two weeks.

Best for DIY: Embroidery Online

While embroidery service providers tend to cater to people who want embroidery work done large, there’s also a large market for DIY embroidery and design. If you plan to start embroidering or have a machine, check out Embroidery Online. This company can start you with some basic and advanced embroidery designs. It also has a supply section to buy thread, stabilisers, and other accessories.

There are several websites where you can find embroidery designs, but this one stands out because of its experience, quality, and passion. Embroidery Online started sharing its plans in sewing centres but moved its work to digital platforms and expanded its audience. Each design is thoroughly tested once it has been digitised to ensure ease and fun.

The company aims to “create unique designs and supplies for your next project.” For the DIY embroiderer, this collection of designs could make the craft much more fulfilling.

Final verdict

Based on our review of several online embroidery services, we determined Thread Logic was the most reputable company overall. The company’s transparent pricing is also lower than the other companies on our list, with affordable, basic options starting around $20. With no minimums on orders and catering to both everyday consumers and businesses, Thread Logic checks all the boxes.

While Thread Logic is an easy-to-use platform for customers to upload and preview their designs, there is no built-in program for those who want to edit their designs. However, based on user reviews, customers say the service is helpful, with a live, toll-free hotline for setup and troubleshooting. Turnaround time is around 10 days for regular orders and up to six days for rush orders.

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