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The Cost Effective Way to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

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Teeth whitening and bleaching

Want to grin more brightly? You have two alternatives when it comes to teeth whitening/bleaching Jasper AL: in-office bleaching or at-home treatment.

Both tooth-whitening options make use of bleaching products with a peroxide basis. Carbamide or hydrogen peroxides, ranging in concentration from 3% to 20%, are used in at-home systems. Office systems range in peroxide content from 15% to 43%.

In general, your teeth become whiter the longer you leave a stronger solution on them. However, the length of time the teeth should be exposed to the whitening solution depends on how much peroxide is present in it. Longer gel application will dry out the tooth and enhance sensitivity. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages, so consult your dentist first before utilising any at-home tooth-whitening kits. Some people won’t get satisfying outcomes. Porcelain crowns and composite tooth-colored bondings cannot be made whiter by bleaching.

Whitening Teeth in the Office

Your dentist can whiten your teeth so they get whiter more quickly. Compared to DIY kits, the bleaching solution is typically more harsher. Additionally, the whitening process may be accelerated and intensified using heat, light, or a combination of the two.

It often requires multiple 30- to 60-minute in-office visits to achieve the most dramatic results, which typically involve teeth being three to eight colours brighter. Certain dental procedures (like the Zoom system) can be completed in a single 2-hour appointment. In-office tooth whitening might cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000.

Options for Bleaching Teeth at Home

The most popular options for teeth whitening/bleaching Jasper AL at home include:

Whitening gels and strips for teeth – These peroxide-based tooth bleaching preparations often need to be applied once or twice daily for 10 to 14 days, either directly to the teeth with a brush or a thin strip. Results last for four months or longer and might cost between $10 and $55.

Systems for whitening teeth that use trays – In order to whiten teeth with this method, a mouth guard-like tray is filled with a bleaching paste or gel that contains peroxide and is applied to the teeth for one to several hours each day for up to four weeks. You can get a custom-fitted tray-based tooth whitening system from your dentist or purchase one off the shelf.

Toothpastes that whiten teeth – Every toothpaste aids in removing stains from teeth because they are moderately abrasive. However, whitening toothpastes also include chemicals or polishing agents that work without the use of a bleaching agent to help remove stains from teeth. The average tooth-whitening toothpaste costs less than $5 and whitens teeth by around one shade. Peroxides are included in certain whitening toothpastes, but they are not applied to the teeth for long enough to whiten the teeth.

Maintaining White Teeth with Tooth Bleaching

You may help preserve the results by brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth every day whether you use an at-home whitening system or have your teeth bleached by a dentist. Additionally, stay away from acidic and tannic foods and beverages, such as:

  • Coffee with black tea
  • Red and white wines
  • Sports beverages
  • Carbonated beverages (sodas in both light and dark hues)
  • Berries and other foods with vibrant colours
  • (Soy, tomato, and curry) sauces

Why You Should Discuss Teeth Whitening with Your Dentist

When teeth are bleached, they may become momentarily more sensitive or may cause discomfort for those who already have sensitive teeth. Home kits can sometimes result in burned or even momentarily bleached gums when improperly utilised.

People with yellow teeth benefit most from tooth whitening, whereas those with brown teeth benefit less. Teeth whitening/bleaching Jasper AL is generally not going to do much for you if your teeth are grey or purple.

Before using an over-the-counter tooth whitening kit, consult your dentist to be sure it is worth your time and money.

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