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The emotional eating of food can trigger the development of diabetes

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thoms joshi
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Do you find yourself trying to locate your most loved tub of frozen ice cream from the refrigerator in your kitchen, just to take one bite but find yourself eating the entire tub? Perhaps you’ve open the bag of chips and ended eating every last bit of it? If you’re struggling you’ll realize that the cravings for food can provide you with the feeling of comfort and ease. This type of eating behavior is often called “emotional eating”. Fildena 150 is a better option for improving gent’s health. Although it may provide you with some happiness at the time but it could be detrimental for you over the long haul.

Health shots contact to Dr Sahir Jamati, psychologist consultant and psychotherapist in Masina Hospital in Mumbai to discover how emotional eating can be detrimental to health and how we can learn to manage them.

Diabetes and emotional eating

When you are experiencing emotional eating, the negative emotions that are hard to manage like anxiety, sadness fear, stress, loneliness, anger and so on. are blocked by food, according to Dr. Jamati. This is often trigger by extreme stress or changes that occur in the life of a person. The reason for this is in the body’s biological. Our bodies begin to make a hormone known as cortisol when we are in a situation which causes us to feel scare or anxious. The hormone can cause us crave sweet, fatty or salty food.

How can we keep emotions in check?

An effective way to deal with emotional turmoil is maintaining a close eye on your mood. The expert gives a list methods by which one can feel more resilient and optimistic.

1. Get your body moving every day

“Resorting to physical activities may help in the release of positive hormones like endorphin which is known to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety,” says Dr. Jamati. Any type of regular exercise gives you a chance to vent to your emotions and assists get rid of any emotions that build up.

2. Mindful eating

The expert believes that mindful eating may assist the person to focus on the internal signals for hunger. The feeling of hunger can be control by scheduling your meals.Making conscious choices to take note of what you eat will help you cope with the stress of eating mindlessly.

3. Positive self-talk

A lot of emotional stress and hunger issues can be cure by engaging positively in self-talk and having kindness towards yourself. Make your choices about words and thoughts deliberately. Make it an intentional effort to nourish your mind with positive thoughts and happy ones will take you far.

4. Find for

Experts say, “Seeking support instead of isolating yourself can help with your healing journey and deal with stressful situations.” It is crucial to speak up about your feelings and talk to an expert in mental health to discover ways to aid you in handling your emotions. read more

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