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The Effect of Environmental Toxins on Fertility and How To Lower It

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As per a recent study of the NCBI, fertility in males and females across the globe is decreasing. This decrease is in both terms of choice and conception difficulties. As per experts at a fertility or IVF clinic in Bangalore or any city, fertility problems occur due to several factors. And the factors are overall health, reproductive health conditions, genetics, bad/lavish lifestyle, environmental toxins, and extreme heat exposure.

Research work is going on and medical experts are taking a deeper look at how environmental toxins affect fertility in men and women. As per a recent study, these toxins cause infertility in four ways:


  1. Changes in hormonal balances and irregularities in a female’s menstrual cycle
  2. Acceleration of egg aging
  3. Affect sperm production and count in males
  4. Increase the risks associated with birth defects


Apart from affecting natural fertility, these environmental toxins affect the success of infertility treatments such as IVF. Have a look at the toxins that badly disrupt human fertility:


  1. Mercury and PCB in fish like tuna
  2. BPA (Bisphenol A) in hard plastic packaging material
  3. Fire retardants in furniture pieces
  4. Phthalates in soft plastic products
  5. Pesticides in farm products
  6. Benzophenone and parabens in personal care products
  7. Metals, chemicals, and air pollutants

In the current world, we can’t escape from these environmental toxins. However, we can lower the exposure to these toxins and safeguard our fertility. Here, have a look at how you can lower the impact of these toxins on your fertility:

Regulate your food intake 

You should keep a close look at food items you take daily. Regular inspection and vigilance is a little tough in the contemporary world. However, you need to do it, especially when you are trying to conceive or working on your family expansion plan. For this, lower the intake of the foods/fish containing mercury, opt for organic products, and avoid heavy fatty foods.

Stay alert while purchasing cleaning products

Each of your household products contain chemicals and toxins that badly affect your fertility. Start from being careful in purchasing cleaners. You should avoid buying the cleaning solutions or products that are rich in harmful chemicals. Instead, opt for shopping for natural cleaners.

Be careful for laundry detergents

Laundry detergents and soap bars are the probable sources of highly harmful chemicals and toxins. Before you shop for them, have a close look at their ingredients. Avoid buying the one with heavy toxins and prefer to purchase plant-based detergents and soap bars for your laundry.

Take care of personal care products

As you need to eat healthy and hygienic foods, your skin, nails, hair, etc. need proper care. Toxins present in personal care products are highly harmful for your physical appearance and reproductive health. Always opt for powder talks, cosmetics, sunscreen, and lotions that have natural ingredients. Such products will help you get what you want from your personal care regime.

Buy qualitative containers and cookware 

You need to be toxin free in your kitchen too. Buying non-stick pots & pans and crockeries of cast iron skillet will be great to maintain a safe distance from toxins in the kitchen. These containers and cookware are non-sticky. And hence, environmental toxins don’t stick to them. Further, you should remove each plastic product from your kitchen and the entire home.

Be careful while cleaning things and washing clothes 

In today’s world, your entire home and the atmosphere around you contain pollutants and toxins. The carpets, bedsheets, sofa covers, curtains, etc. you have in your home carry environmental toxins. You need to get rid of all of them through regular vacuuming and testing for radiation and lead. Further, you should wash your hands with natural soap bars and use natural soap for having showers and cloth washing. You should avoid eating out and prefer to eat what you cook in your kitchen.


Environmental toxins are all around you and leave bad impacts on your fertility. Having an idea of what household products hold what toxins and how to minimize their effects will help you reduce the effects of environmental toxins on fertility.

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