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Every year, there is a growing need for turnkey solutions in the pharmaceutical processing sector. Companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals now have less internal engineering and project management resources than they did ten years ago, but the value of maintaining API features is greater than ever. The Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects business has invested in complex but dependable manufacturing lines with the main goal of being able to respond to various and special needs as a result of the continual evolution of medicine, the development of new pharmaceuticals, and the growth of dosing methodologies.

How long does it take to complete a pharmaceutical turnkey projects?

The development and production of complicated and specialised equipment by pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers has raised the bar for comprehensive line integration. Making greater use of the machinery is achievable through customization of the control and software architecture as well as their adaption to MES systems, “Think Client” or remote-control platforms.

Within the framework of Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0, our production lines include tracking and connection technologies that offer total control, remote support, and the ability to foresee corrective or maintenance actions relevant to the production phases of each customer.

The main goal of the turnkey strategy is to simplify the process development and implementation. A comprehensive end-to-end system includes the handling and transportation of raw bulk materials, dosing, controlled and monitored milling, and weighing. As an alternative, raw bulk materials can be moved to a process farther down the line for additional milling or processing of powder. Customers don’t have to worry about coordination and compatibility between many vendors while working with a Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects provider. Seems simple, however there are four crucial extra aspects that must be taken into account:

Designing, setting up, commissioning, and qualifying a plant in one phase

Documentation in accordance with current legal requirements.

Over the past few years, pharmaceutical businesses have experienced remarkable growth. These advancements were necessary to meet the rising demand for the medications used during treatment. The Pharmaceutical Consulting Companies must be well-prepared to handle this circumstance given the daily increase in patient numbers. To handle any medical crises, they must have enough medical facilities. Pharmacies must accept the challenge of offering high-quality medications that adhere to global standards like the WHO – GMP, USFDA, MHRA, TGA, and cGMP. Since these medications are used to treat severe illnesses, caution must be given in their development.

Turnkey Project Consultant’s Job Description

From the planning stage until the launch of the production unit, the turnkey project consultant supports the pharmaceutical firms. The consultants assist the pharmaceutical producers in increasing the efficiency of every aspect of their manufacturing in order to increase their marketability and competitiveness. Additionally, the turnkey project provides a financially sensible way to establish the pharmaceutical unit by changing the current unit. The range includes advice services as well as project planning and production. By developing goods at the cutting edge of technology, the organisation, which provides turnkey project consultation, aids pharmaceutical companies in penetrating both the domestic and international markets.

Turnkey project services

Numerous pharmaceutical businesses are working hard to supply the market’s always rising need for medicines. In accordance with international standards, Pharma project providers offer pharmaceutical project consulting for turnkey projects. This makes the entire process more cost-effective without violating the regulatory standards thanks to the flexibility of the production line. Our offerings consist of:

Manufacturing of Sterile Products

We offer a variety of equipment for the sterile products, including ampoule lines, vial lines, etc. This guarantees a successful manufacturing process. The laboratory is also available for research, design, and development of new items and necessary improvements to existing products.

Products That Aren’t Sterile Production

 This involves creating the tools necessary to make tablets, capsules, liquid oral syrups, ointments, and creams. As the primary method of dispensing medication, these goods are widely employed in the pharmaceutical sectors.

Customized Formulations

Pharmaceutical Turnkey Solution assists in creating specialised formulations to increase yield or output thanks to its ongoing research at cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. By doing this, it ensures that the cycle time is shortened and costly products are not lost. Process Integration: A wide variety of production-related equipment is provided with a system integration option. This makes it easier for customers to choose particular process modules that suit their needs for manufacturing.

Advisory Services

Pharmaceutical Turnkey Consultants in India provides assistance with the pharmaceutical processes’ design stage as well. The services involve building up and putting precise engineering layout plans into practice. It involves estimating capacity, creating engineering requirements, designing HVAC systems, supplying equipment, installing it, and commissioning projects in accordance with specifications.

Join us as we take a creative leap.

  • Complete Projects
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Manufacturer & Supplier of Physico-Chemical Laboratory Instruments and Accessories
  • Sections on microbiology and sterility testing in accordance with current regulatory requirements.

Service Calibration

Instruments used for testing and measurement are calibrated by us. Master Planning – Some of the Services they provide Under Master Planning Are:

  • Master Site Planning
  • Site Evaluations
  • Conceptualization
  • Specifications for User Requirements
  • Specifications & Drawings

Infrastructure Engineering

They offer the following services under facility engineering:

  • Design of facilities with an emphasis on HVAC, BMS, treatment, and purification
  • Distribution and Filtration of Different Utility Systems
  • Create P&IDs for the utilities and processes.
  • Alternative Plant Layouts that satisfy cGMP Standards

Provisions for machinery

In addition to all other related products like steam boilers, HVAC systems, water treatment plants, filtered compressed air, complete plant pipeline, etc. supplied by us, they can provide machinery for all the industries dealing in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), bulk drugs, formulations industry, i.e., tablets, capsules, liquid oral, dry syrup, injectables, IV fluids, and also all the other related items. These items are created and produced in accordance with the most recent cGMP rules, and their finishing is on par with the best in the business. Depending on the inputs, they make sure that our machines perform to their rated capacity; our team supports proper training and guidance; documentation and validation are completed in accordance with the customer’s requirements; after-sales support and spare parts are readily available to ensure smooth operations of the plant and machinery. Depending on the client’s necessary production rating capacity, we offer a variety of products.


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