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The Journal Essential Guide to Chicago Citation for Journal Articles

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journal Accurate citation is a fundamental aspect of academic writing and research, allowing scholars to acknowledge the sources they rely on while also providing a means for readers to locate and validate the information presented. In the realm of journal articles, the Chicago citation style stands as one of the most widely used and respected systems. 

In this article, we will explore the key elements of Chicago citation for journal articles, including the necessary information, formatting guidelines, and examples to help researchers and students master this important aspect of scholarly writing.

Understanding the Chicago Citation Style

Purpose and Overview of Chicago Style

The Chicago citation style serves to provide a consistent and reliable method for citing sources in the field of academia. It encompasses two distinct systems: the notes and bibliography (NB) system, primarily used in the humanities, and the author-date (AD) system, commonly employed in the social sciences and natural sciences.

Variations within Chicago Style

While the basic principles of Chicago citation remain consistent, there are variations between the notes and bibliography system and the author-date system. It is crucial to understand which variation is expected in your discipline or as per your instructor’s guidelines.

Key Components of Chicago Citation for Journal Articles

When citing a journal article in Chicago style, several key components should be included: the author’s name, article title, journal title, publication information, and page numbers. Additionally, specific formatting guidelines apply to elements such as titles, capitalization, and online sources.

Citing a The Journal Article in Chicago Style

Basic Format for In-Text Citations

In Chicago style, the notes and bibliography system employs footnotes or endnotes for in-text citations. These notes correspond to the superscript numbers placed within the main body of the text and provide detailed information about the cited source.

Reference List Entry for Journal Articles

In the reference list, journal article citations should follow a specific format that includes the author’s name, article title, journal title, publication information, and page numbers. These elements are arranged in a logical order and formatted according to Chicago style guidelines.


Formatting Guidelines for Chicago Citation

General Formatting Guidelines

When formatting your citations, adhere to general guidelines such as using consistent font and font size, double-spacing the text, and including a hanging indent for the reference list.

Title and Capitalization

Follow Chicago style’s guidelines for capitalization in titles, including proper nouns, subtitles, and headline-style capitalization for article titles.

Journal Article Titles

Italicize the titles of the journal articles and enclose them in quotation marks. Pay attention to the proper capitalization and punctuation.

Journal Information

Include the full THE JOURNAL COUNCIL title, using standard abbreviations where applicable. Provide both the volume and issue numbers, if available.

Volume and Issue Numbers

Include the volume number of THE JOURNAL COUNCIL and, if applicable, the issue number. Use the proper format and punctuation.

Page Numbers

Indicate the specific page range for the cited article, using “p.” for a single page and “pp.” for multiple pages. For articles without page numbers, employ other means of identifying the location of the information cited.


In cases where the journal article is accessed online, provide the URL or DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to facilitate retrieval by readers.

Examples of Chicago Citations for Journal Articles

Journal Article with One Author

Follow the appropriate format for citing a journal article with a single author, including the author’s name, article title, journal title, publication information, and page numbers.

Journal Article with Two or Three Authors

When citing a journal article with two or three authors, follow the prescribed format for listing the authors’ names and include the other necessary citation details.

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