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The Pros Of Going To The Urgent Care Family Clinic

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The Arleta Urgent Care facility requires practitioners with a broad knowledge-based base to provide several health issues. Urgent care was not established to replace primary care. Instead, it offers an option when your primary care provider is unavailable, for example, on weekends and evenings. It is also an ideal option for those that lack a primary care provider. The facility offers faster and cheaper alternatives to the hospital emergency room when you have a non-severe ailment. An urgent care clinic los angeles is a medical facility that provides patients with care and treatment for acute and chronic ailments that need to be addressed in about 24 hours.

Urgent Care Pros

Here are the top pros in urgent care:

1. Accessibility

You should be close to an urgent care clinic Los Angeles no matter where you live. Arleta urgent care is one of these facilities. The clinic offers timely services at affordable rates. At Arleta urgent care, you will access several healthcare services.

2. Convenience

Arleta urgent care clinic is open when needed. The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday, and you do not need an appointment to access the treatment. Some facilities are open seven days a week with evening hours. You need to walk in and get treated in no time to access treatment.

3. Timely

Emergency rooms make you wait hours before getting treatment, especially if you suffer from a less severe ailment like the flu, cold, minor injuries, and more. But urgent care provides treatment in less than an hour. All you need is to walk in and get the treatment you require.

4. Cost-Effective

Urgent care costs are usually a fraction of what emergency centers charge. The average urgent care cost is $2250. The Arleta Urgent Care center also accepts health insurance covers like Medicare and Medicaid.

Wide Range of Treatments

Urgent care staff diagnoses and treats a wide range of conditions, including:

1. Minor burns and injuries

Arleta urgent care provides medical treatment for non-severe health issues that still need a quick medical response. The clinic caters to minor injuries, fractures, and cuts. Suppose you suffer severe burns; the best treatment option is to visit an emergency room for specialized treatment. Urgent care doctors can treat minor burns. Usually, these burns are cleaned, and an antibiotic cream is used to stop the infection.

2. Strains and Sprains

These two conditions do not have much difference since they have similar signs and symptoms. Urgent care clinic should be your go-to option if you need treatment for sprains and strains. Compared to emergency rooms, where you will have to wait hours, you will be treated in less than an hour. The clinic has highly skilled, professional, licensed providers to handle the testing and treatment of sprains and strains effectively.

3. Pediatric Care

Urgent family clinics have specialists to treat children. The Arleta family clinic is the best option if you need an urgent care clinic Los Angeles to treat your children. Pediatric rooms are designed with children’s psyches in mind. All members of your family can access treatment at this facility. The facility provides x-ray services, lab tests, and pharmacy. The staff has enough training and years of experience dealing with pediatric care. Therefore, you should count on our doctors to provide you with the best pediatric care.

4. Rashes and irritations

Skin rashes result from several things. Most skin rashes and irritations don’t call for any cause of concern. But you might experience other severe rashes that, if left untreated, might result in infections in the future. Therefore, seek the right diagnosis and treatment at urgent care.

5. Ear infection

Ear infections and rashes mostly affect five-year-old kids. However, adults can also get infected. There are several causes of earaches and infections. Because of the complexities of treating these health issues, you should visit urgent care to get proper medical care. Other medical conditions treated at urgent care are:

  • Fever or flu
  •  Mild asthma
  •  Animal bites
  •  Broken bones
  •  Allergic reactions
  •  School physicals


The urgent family clinic comes with various benefits. The facility provides time-sensitive services for minor ailments and injuries. The only reason to seek treatment at an emergency room is if your condition is life-threatening. Emergency rooms cater to life-threatening ailments like heart attacks. You can also visit urgent care if your primary care provider is unavailable and your health condition can’t wait. Urgent care allows you to access treatment with or without insurance coverage.

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