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The Ultimate Dilemma: Repairing or Replacing Your Tank Water Heater In Singapore

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Have you recently had tank water heater problems? If so, you could be debating whether it would be better for you to repair water heater in Singapore or simply replace it.

The Lifespan Of Water Heaters: How Long Should You Expect Yours To Last?

Unexpected water heater failure can be distressing and seriously interfere with your regular activities. Fortunately, professional water heater repair services in Singapore can assist you in selecting a replacement heater or quickly fix your heater if it is beyond repair.

The life expectancy of a water heater is between eight and twelve years, which is based on the manufacturer’s recommended service life. That varies depending on the unit’s location and design, installation quality, maintenance schedule, and water quality.

It’s probably time for a replacement if your water heater is older than ten years, leaks around the base of the tank, or operates inconsistently. To reduce your energy costs, you can also decide to switch to a more energy-efficient model.

Your current water heater may be salvageable in some situations with repairs and troubleshooting. Verify that an electrical issue, such as a blown fuse or tripped breaker, isn’t the cause of the unit’s failure before looking for a replacement.

Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your water heater, and basic fixes, like changing a heating element or pressure relief valve, are not too difficult.

Several criteria will determine whether you should spend money on repairs or have your water heater completely replaced:

  • Your water heater’s age
  • The fixes you require
  • Your warranties’ efficacy

Tank and tankless water heaters are the two varieties to be aware of. We’ll be discussing tank water heaters in this blog.

Your water heater’s age

Tank water heaters typically last between ten and fifteen years. Thus, while thinking about whether to burn through cash on fixes or supplant your unit, you ought to consider the age of your water warmer.

It may be worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars on a repair if your water heater is only a few years old in order to keep it in good working order for at least another five years.

However, repairing a water heater that is more than ten years old or older will only extend its lifespan by one to two years. In this instance, repairing your water heater and then having to replace it quickly is more expensive than replacing it now.

The fixes you require

Your water heater should either be repaired or completely replaced depending on the sort of repair you require. That’s because certain repairs call for pricey replacement components, and occasionally the damage is so severe that a plumber would advise replacing the entire system.

Experts generally advise replacing your water heater if repairs cost more than S$500 and it is more than eight years old.

Professional Plumbing Services often advise consumers to replace the complete tank water heater instead of attempting to fix it if the leak is significant.

It can be more economical to fix your water heater rather than replace it if the required repair is less than S$500 and your water heater is under 8 years old. Which choice is ideal for you may be determined with the aid of a qualified plumber.

Your Warranties’ Appropriateness

The majority of brand-new water heaters come with a limited parts guarantee from the manufacturer, which, depending on the manufacturer, covers the cost of repairing faulty components for 5–10 years.

Repairing your water heater is the preferable choice for you because the cost of the repair can be partially or even covered by a valid components warranty.

You will be liable for any repair charges if the parts warranty has run out or if you don’t have one at all. Therefore, it can be preferable to replace the complete device rather than fix it, depending on which component is damaged and has to be replaced.

Look up your water heater’s model number on the manufacturer’s website or get in touch with them to learn if you have a limited parts warranty.

Remember that the majority of water heater producers stipulate that for the water heater parts guarantee to continue in effect, homeowners must adhere to certain rules, such as:

  • 90 days after installation, register your water heater with the manufacturer
  • Demonstrating that your water heater has had frequent, expert maintenance
  • Only using manufacturer-approved parts to replace damaged components

Check the nameplate on the side of your present water heater before making repairs or buying a new one. The tank capacity, insulation R-value, installation instructions, working pressure, type, and serial number are all essential details that may be found here.

The nameplate of an electric water heater will also include the voltage and wattage of the heating components. You can use this information as a jumping-off point when looking for replacement components or a new water heater.

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