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The process of creation is to keep the circle of life running, the process of creation is what makes the natives happy and prosperous less stressed free and helps them relive the childhood that they had reluctantly let go of as a result of ageing knocking at their doors. The purpose to keep the cycle of life going on is to keep the survival of a particular set of species on.

The natural way of doing this is through the process of mating or copulation however due to some explained and unexplained reasons people might not be able to conceive.

A very well-known member of the medical fraternity who is well versed in dealing with laparoscopic surgeries for a long in Ludhiana says “I have often encountered couples, who are extremely fit, periods normal and even no traces of any kind of substance like alcohol, drugs in their bloodstream but still they have a problem conceiving the reason because of the lack of sexual compatibility or because of some reasons that cannot be explained “.

That is when the procedure of IVF steps in as a boss; gynaecologists have been relentlessly working hard to help couples with fertility problems welcome joy into their lives. One of the experienced staff at one of the most popular IVF Centres in Punjab says “WE have seen couples who have been going through months of treatment, giving up on deeply ingrained addictions and adapting to a healthier lifestyle, making a routine, struggling to follow the routine throughout their journey only for that one moment to hold and nurse the child. I feel real overwhelmed when I convey the news to the parents and the relatives that it is a healthy baby and the mother is also doing well.”

However, the procedure of IVF is tedious and a one that requires a lot of precision and finesse hence here are a few points that people need to understand before having opted for an IVF procedure.


  1. Duration of the procedure: Couples need to keep patient and cooperate with their doctors to reap the best results from their IVF procedure. Therefore it has to be mutual that the clinic at the same time needs to ascertain the period by which the procedure shall bear fruit.
  2. Terms and conditions of the Clinic: The terms and conditions need to write in bold readable letters rather than avoiding them completely from the papers that need to be signed.
  3. The physical and mental state of the couple: Consent of the couple especially that of the mother is really important because it is she who is going to carry the baby in her womb and the procedure of IVF is important because she is strengthening the uterine walls, relaxing her vagina to bring out the child into this world. But if the mind is not ready to carry out the pregnancy in the very first place this entire procedure will feel like a load and often result in dissatisfaction.

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