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The Ultimate Guide to 5 Things to Consider Before Moving into Aged Care

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When looking to take on a new care home, many people don’t know what to expect. They might have heard horror stories about the care provided or feel they are being given an overly detailed tour of the facility.

However, this is common when moving a loved one into a new environment. Many people are still determining how other residents will take to their new roommates or whether or not they will all get along with each other. Once you’ve decided to accept an offer from house-aged relatives, it is essential not to let your guard down until it is time to move in. This article lists some of the most important things you should consider before making plans for your future family member.

The decision to move a senior loved one into aged care is a difficult one, and there are many factors to consider. From choosing the right location and services to planning a budget, here’s the ultimate guide to five things to consider before moving.

1. Choosing the Right Location For Moving into Aged Care

When selecting an aged care facility, it’s essential to consider your loved one’s needs and lifestyle. Are they more likely to thrive in a residential community or an independent living apartment? Do they need access to medical care, or would they prefer to be closer to family and friends? Is there a particular location that appeals to them? Take into account the distance from family and friends, the quality of care and the availability of amenities. Are there nearby shops and restaurants, or do you need to drive to get to them? What about transport links and access to medical services? All of these factors should be considered when deciding on the correct location.

2. Services and Facilities

When moving into aged care facility, it’s essential to consider the services it provides. Does it offer the proper care and support for your loved one? Does it have a range of activities, such as recreational and social activities, to keep them engaged? Is there a qualified and experienced team of carers on hand to provide support when needed? In addition, consider the facilities available. Are there comfortable communal areas, such as lounges, dining rooms and gardens, to socialise in? Are there private rooms, and are they suitable for your loved one’s needs?

3. Cost and Financial Support

For many families, the cost of aged care is a significant concern. It’s important to consider the fees associated with the facility, including the daily prices, the accommodation payment and any additional services.
However, there’s also financial support available from the government. It’s essential to research the different types of funding, such as aged care subsidies, and check for any eligibility requirements. It’s also crucial to understand how fees are calculated and any other costs involved.

4. Carers and Staff

When selecting an aged care facility, it’s essential to consider the quality of care and support provided by moving to Werribee with movee. Are they qualified and experienced in providing the necessary care and support? Do they have a good rapport with the residents, and are they willing to go the extra mile if needed?

It’s also vital to consider facility policies and procedures, such as visiting hours and emergency protocols. Are any restrictions or regulations that could affect your loved one’s care?

5. Planning Ahead

Finally, it’s essential to plan. Make sure you have a clear plan, such as emergency contacts, a list of medications, and special instructions. Have a clear understanding of the facility’s policies, such as visiting hours and payment schedules.

Setting realistic expectations for your loved one’s care and lifestyle is also essential. Consider the changes that may be needed, such as adapting to a new routine and environment. Talk to the staff and other residents to better understand what to expect.

Deciding to move a senior loved one into aged care can be a difficult one. From choosing the right location and services to planning a budget and preparing for the future, these five things can help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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