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This is the Most Popular 10 Sex Position Among Women

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One aspect of being a bad girl with her sensuality is her ability to tower over her partner and ride him until her heart is satisfied. Men prefer positions where the woman is on top, partly because they don’t have to do physical work, and partly because she often has a great view.

However, these positions are also good for the woman as she controls the speed and depth. Many of these positions provide access to the clitoris for added stimulation. In short, there’s no reason not to be on top, so you should definitely try one or two of these women in the best sex positions the next time you find yourself between the sheets.

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1. Shepherdess

This sexual position is considered by many to be important, perhaps even missionary. While your man can relax while you ride, you control the speed, angle and depth to maximize your pleasure. There is a lot of eye contact, and you can kiss or lean in to your partner, who gets a great view, especially if you wrap your arms around your chest.

2. Cowgirl Sex Position

Cowgirl is a great position because either of you can stimulate the clitoris. Try this: Place your man’s hand palm down on his stomach and separate your fingers between your middle and ring fingers, like Spock. He will grip the base of your cock with his fingers and you can grind his fingers while he rides you.

Do not forget that your man can push from below. If you like it, your man can even move his hands to stimulate your anus in the cowgirl position.

3. Pull up Your Hips

Hip sex position

The next female position we would like to recommend is not that common, but it should be! Thai Tide is similar to the upside down rider but with a unique twist. It is this difference that makes the sex position above the hip! To enter it, you keep the recumbent man away from him. Instead of keeping his legs straight, he will bend one knee as shown above while you hold his hip. When you ride her, you feel your clit rubbing against her thigh.

If you need more leverage, keep your hand on his knee/feet while grinding.

4. Sex Position Guide at Hip Tide

69 Sex Position

If you enjoy performing and receiving oral sex at the same time, you are probably familiar with the 69 position. In this position, one of you lies down while the other lies face up, face down, and face to the other side. This aligns one person’s mouth with another’s penis.

While a Status 69 doesn’t have to be a responsible woman, she certainly can. However, being on top allows you to better control the depth of penetration. If you feel more comfortable, you can lean on your elbow or a pillow.

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5. Lap Dance

The lap dance sex position sounds exactly like the name suggests! Your man is sitting on a chair or couch supporting his hips and you are sitting on his lap with your hips on either side of him in a sex position where you are in control. You can twist and rub your hips as he holds you for a handshake.

If you’re especially short and your feet don’t reach the ground, or if your hands can’t reach the chair underneath your man, lap dancing can be a little tricky. If you can lean on the table in front of you, that might help.

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6. Lotus

An example of the lotus position for sex

If you want to try an incredibly intimate and slightly rough sex position, look no further because it requires some flexibility. First ask the man to sit down and cross his legs. Then you sit down with your ankles behind his back, crossing his knees and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

Lotus works best if you can rotate your hips freely, so people with a certain physique or mobility may not like it. You can also enjoy the lotus simply by focusing on feeling it full, making eye contact, and exchanging breath, which is a tantric type of meditation.

7. Amazon

This sexy position in which the woman is on top is quite new, so pay attention to the image. Your man will lie on his back and bring his knees to his chest. Then, depending on your height, stretch the back of her legs by kneeling or bending over. You will rest your buttocks against the back of his thighs/ass. Meanwhile, he can put his legs around you, and you can put your hands on his knees.

Amazon pose is all about bouncing, which should be pretty easy for her on bent knees, if you can get into that position comfortably.

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8. Crab

Here’s another unusual sex position. Let your man lie straight on the bed. You will lean on him with your feet towards his upper body/shoulders. Elevate your legs on the bed. Lean back on the bed with your hands behind your man’s legs or feet. Don’t make them sit on your lap.

To do crab work, you need to keep your hands and feet firmly on the bed to lift your hips. Alternatively, you can stay still while your man pushes you up and down. Crabs can be quite energetic, so it’s understandable if you don’t stay in this position for long.

crab sex position

9. Pitcher

Your man will go crazy when you try this sex position, what a heady rush! In Jughead, your man lies on the ground with his legs propped up on a chair, couch or ottoman. This lifts their hips off the floor. Your task is to follow him face to face. In Jughead, you can either sit or lean on your man with your hands.

The key to comfort in this situation is the right furniture. If it’s too long or too short, it can look awkward instead of cool. Either way, if you stay in this sex position for too long she might get a headache and all the blood will rush to her head, so feel free to switch things up.

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10. Back Seat Driver

If you’re too short to work the sexy lap dance position (it’s position #4 above), you might want to try this variation. Your man spreads his legs while sitting, and you sit between his thighs or lean slightly on them. The driver’s position in the back seat allows you to support yourself a bit more easily, either on a surface beneath you or your hands on your man’s hips.

Although you are limited in what you can do in this sex position, your man can pull your hair or scratch your back if he wants to.

driver seat in back seat

11. Jumping Spoon

You don’t need fancy sex furniture for most positions. Consider this situation where your man is sitting on the floor against a wall and you are sitting on his lap with your shoulders resting on his chest. Your man will lift your hips with his hands, hence the “bouncing” part of this sex pose.

Your man needs to move far enough away from the wall to leave room for your feet and legs. However, if you are younger it is not that difficult. Unfortunately, this position can be very uncomfortable to grasp if your bodies are not lined up properly. has many Hardcore Amateur Sex Video Online , making general public aware of positions and helping coupes enjoy sexual pleasure.

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