Monday, February 6, 2023

This is What Large Mirrors Can Do for a Room in the House

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Mirrors are a pleasant addition to the home. Not just because of their direct utility to view yourself; they provide much more. Light, for example, and spaciousness. Certainly, if you opt for an XXL item, you can create a major optical illusion in your home. Read here what large mirrors do for the space in the house.

Nice entry

Mirrors in a hallway are not only practical (just check how you look before you go out the door). They are also a nice entry point. The hall is usually not a ballroom and such a mirror optically creates more space. This is due to the reflection of the light. Usually, this is not present to a large extent in the hallway, but with an XXL mirror, you certainly make the room lighter and more spacious.

Place the mirror where the most daylight enters for the optimal effect. Create even more optical illusions by opting for a mirrored window.

In the living room

If you have low ceilings in the living room, place a mirror vertically: standing on the floor (but anchor it to the wall!) or hung it up. It immediately makes the room seem higher.

Leave the mirror at the front as clear as possible to make it reflect as much as possible. Placing accessories next to the mirror is a good idea. Opt for decoration that is also nice in size, but no higher than the mirror. Think of a beautiful table lamp or large houseplant. Place this next to the mirror and the ceilings seem a lot less low.

In a narrow living room, you place a large mirror horizontally. Hang a mirror widthwise above the sofa to make the living room appear wider than it actually is. Position the mirror so that it reflects daylight as much as possible.

In the dining area

Bring a new dimension to the dining area with an oversized mirror. Especially if the dining area is not too big, a mirror can do wonders. Hang it in line with the dining table, so that the dimensions of the table are optically extended. Just like dining in a chateau with such an endlessly long dining table. The following also applies here: hang the mirror vertically if you want to make the room optically higher and vertically if you want to make it optically wider.

If you choose to hang a mirror vertically in the dining area, make sure that it is no wider than the dining table. Otherwise, you will undermine the effectiveness of an extended dining area.

When hanging a wall mirror horizontally, it must be slightly above the dining table for the desired effect. This way your table guests don’t have to see themselves eating.

In the bathroom

Mirrors are of course indispensable in the bathroom. You will often find a single mirror or a duo above a washbasin with a double sink. If the space is available, an XXL mirror in the bathroom can work as an eye-catcher. It is also very functional: everything is clearly visible in a large mirror. Especially if you buy one with built-in light, such as this black, round one with mirror heating. With mirror heating, you will never again be bothered by a fogged mirror. Such a luxury!

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