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If you want to get leaner but don’t want to be found investing every minute you happen to have in the gym, it’s time to look at some strategies you can take to up your calorie burn so you can eliminate those extra fat quicker. Far too many men look for methods that they can reduce calorie consumption, but rather than adapting this strategy, concentrate on what you can do to burn more calories so the process is a lot less agonizing. Let us walk you through 10 efficient methods to increase your calorie burn and get nearer to that whole body you’ve been seeking for.

  1. Have a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea provides tremendous health advantages and will help you to burn more calories every day. This drink is very much loaded with antioxidant content and will help to keep at bay the free-radical damage that could lead to disease. Always try to serve your green tea with a few lemons instead of adding sugar to prevent the intake of unnecessary calories.

  1. Try to add a Few Hot Peppers in your diet

Adding some hot peppers to your food is another brisk way to immediately burn more calories. Chili pepper along with the hot peppers consists of capsaicin, which will cause the body to start exhausting tremendous energy as heat thus increasing your total calorie burn. If you are allergic to hot pepper, then cayenne pepper is the best alternative.

  1. Enrich Your Meals with Protein

One of the quickest and simplest methods to instantly boost your metabolism is to simply have an adequate amount of protein into your diet. Each and every time you consume food rich in protein, the body is going to exhaust tremendous calories simply breaking it down, making this an ideal way to immediately boost up your daily calorie burn. For each 100 calories of protein in your body, you’ll only figure out only 75 of those calories so you can easily notice how this gets added up.

  1. Try to Bring Back Your Carbohydrates

Those relying on low carbohydrate diets for extended periods of time are also going to be in danger of a lethargic metabolism. Your carbohydrate consumption is finely linked to your functioning of the thyroid gland, so not consuming enough will diminish its influence, restricting your calorie burn. Start consuming some healthy carbohydrates back into your diet before and after your exercises and also in the meals just following. You’ll be less fortunate to store them as body fat and notice an impressive change as a result.

  1. Get Up and Move

Another simple method to increase your calorie burn is to simply get up and move more. Just sitting for long periods during the whole day is really going to affect devaluation on your metabolic rate and diminish your total amount of calories burnt. Look forward to setting a timer and getting up at least once an hour, if not every 25 minutes, and jogging around for a few minutes. At the end of the day this could add up to an excess 100-200 calories and make a huge variation on your progress.

  1. Get Down and Do minimum 30 pushups

Executing short bursts of body-weight workouts whenever you get some free time is another brilliant method to up your total daily calorie burns and strengthen your muscles. Every so often, get down and do at least 30 push-ups, squats, body-weight crunches and if you have a bar available, pull-ups are the best option. You will also motivate yourself in the process.

  1. Play Sports

Sports like running and playing football are brilliant ways to rev up your metabolism and burn calories fast. The idea of such sports emits that interval training, so play a game of basketball, hockey, soccer or football whenever there is a proper time. As an added advantage, you will also enhance your muscle power and coordination by playing such sports.

  1. Prioritize your Sleep

Those who are suffering from insomnia are also going to be in danger of suffering from a slow metabolism. Moreover, getting a proper amount of sleep will also boost your glucose tolerance, so you will be able to tolerate any carbohydrates you consume that much better. This means you will be at a less risk of suffering from an increase in body fat.

  1. Read Instead of Watching TV

Deciding just to watch television for hours at a time during night is one of the lowest ways of burning calories. Rather, pick up a book and do some reading. Not only your mind gets enriched, but reading blasts many calories since the brain remains active in terms of metabolism.

  1. Use Diet Breaks Wisely

Relying on a low-calorie diet for an extended duration will also promisingly reduce your total daily calorie burn. To get rid of this so that you can burn calories quicker, go for diet breaks every four to six weeks while on the program. Three days of higher calorie consumption will quickly help change the resulting lethargic metabolism and help you burn more calories total.

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