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Top 3 Mexican Road Trip Destinations for Drivers

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Mexico attracts people all over the world. They arrive to see a unique culture, have fun at festivals, and fall in love with cities full of ancient relics and beautiful architecture that mixes with pure nature on the next turn. It does not matter when you come. You will dive into another world there during the high or low season. We want to prepare you with the three great route options and tips to rent a car in Cancun. It is the country’s largest resort for tourists, and you may start your path there. Keep reading to make your vacation unforgettable! 

Route 1: Cancun – Chetumal

As we said, explore the country with its Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is on its east coast. The popular destination is tourist friendly and boasts tropical forests, beaches, and spiritual practices in cenotes and local shamans. To make your journey convenient, come to rent a van. You will overcome the indigenous roads with a big car, especially when you gather a huge family or friends team. It is easy to find the rental office here, yet you may pre-order your wheels ahead of time, either with a car rental app or website. Then, compare prices, check the conditions of the young drivers’ policy, learn about the required documents to bring, and you are ready for the trip!


Come to Xcaret Park, the eco-archaeological amusement park. You will love the fantastic flora and fauna. History buffs will learn about the culture and history of the Maya. The park hosts breeding wild birds. Besides, it is a nursery for baby sea turtles. You can also arrange riding hours along the shores of Loma Bonita Ranch. Then, navigate by the Mexico 307 road

230 miles to Chetumal. After almost five hours’ drive, you will be on the border with Belize. It offers visitors tasty food in restaurants, picturesque wood buildings, and Mahahual beach.


Besides, you may visit Tulum halfway, just 73 miles from Cancun. Let the numerous ruins of the Mayan fishing village impress you. Explore the castle and the Temple of the Wind. You would need a few days for that route, although it does not require long driving.

Route 2: Cancun- Cozumel

It can be an extra point or a separate tour from Cancun. Attend the natural island in the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel. You will need to head by the same road, Mexico 307, and take a ferry at Cozumel – Calica Punta Venado ferry to San Miguel de Cozumel. To get there, drive a mile south of downtown. Yes, You can handle it even with a Cancun van rental, do not forget to learn about the prices and preorder the place on the board. 

The trip with the inland part and seaway will take up to three hours. According to safety regulations, you must get out of the car. However, the view opening from the open decks and lounges is another pleasant bonus.

Cozumel will meet you with safe roads, beaches, ancient buildings, and snorkeling tours. If you did not learn a few Spanish words, do not worry, residents speak English too. You can even order Jeep excursions and explore this treasure island!

Route 3: Cancun – Merida via Chichen-Itza

The following itinerary requires four hours at the steering wheel to come to Merida! Take the 180 D route. It is the fastest and lasts 190 miles, although it includes toll road sections. Yet, the destination is worth it once you see the mix of historical Mexico and the modern world flows there. Take a walking tour of the city and observe the lands from the Plaza Grande. There are fewer tourists than in the more popular Riviera Maya. Thus, you get the authentic old Mexico vibe in this city. The best time is to come here after Christmas and up to April. Besides, if you arrive in January, you will not miss Mérida Fest, the annual celebration devoted to the city foundation.


There is old Chichén Itzá 73 miles away from the city. Devote one day to observe the cenotes, El Castilo, and Temple of the Warriors. Do not forget to bring water bottles. Do not worry about your rental van. You will find the parking spot there. There are both payable and free options. 


Open up the country devoting time to your close people in the back rows of your car! You will love Mexico!

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