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Top 5 Male Characters From Spring 2023 of Anime Season

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The summer anime season is upon us, but we can’t forget the remarkable guys we fell for during the spring of 2023. From the regal to the average, there was a lovely array of men to admire this past spring season, and finding our top 5 was no easy task. Fortunately, we persevered through countless hours of anime and found the best of the best, which we’re eager to share with all of you reading out there! Here are our favorite male anime characters from Spring 2023!

5. Noah From The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

In our youth, long ago, we grew up thinking knights and regal men had a certain aura. They were tough but wise, caring yet unrelenting, strict but fair, but our perception of regal men shifted slightly with The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion. On paper, Noah might seem like a bit of a villain. Sarcastic and occasionally cruel, he almost feels like he belongs in an “otome” game about dangerous men seducing a kind-hearted girl. However, Noah swept us off our feet when we noticed his love for the main star, Raeliana, and his determination to protect her from harm whenever possible. Noah is the perfect man in every sense, and finding anything wrong with him is like finding a single flaw in his appearance. Hint: there is none!

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4. Sousuke from Skip to Loafer

Oshi-no-Ko-Wallpaper-4-700x315 Top 5 Male Characters From Spring 2023


Initially, Sousuke wasn’t going to make our list. At first glance, he appears ordinary, and we somewhat thought he was an underwhelming main character. However, as Skip to Loafer continued, we realized that Sousuke’s kindness and a remarkable level of calm make him extremely lovable and easy to fall for. We now find ourselves apologizing for every episode when Sousuke appears (don’t judge us!) for initially considering him middle-tier as an anime guy. He has proven himself to be worthy of our top 5, and we know we aren’t alone in that belief.


3. Mash From Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Oshi-no-Ko-Wallpaper-4-700x315 Top 5 Male Characters From Spring 2023

Surprise! We can sense the shock radiating from monitors and phone screens all around the globe. Mash is a literal muscle-head, with almost no intellect, the pure embodiment of stoicism, and an excessive obsession with pastries. Yet, Mash won our hearts as we saw beyond the mind and recognized that he’s just a nice guy who reacts instinctively. Despite solving almost every problem with his powerful body, Mash doesn’t take injustice lightly and protects those he considers friends or family. We can’t deny that we’d love to have Mash protect us when we run into danger or need to open a broken door.

2. Aquamarine From Oshi no Ko

Oshi-no-Ko-Wallpaper-4-700x315 Top 5 Male Characters From Spring 2023

Once an obstetrician from a rural area, he met a rather spoiler-detailed death and was reborn as one of the twins born from a 16-year-old pop idol. As Aquamarine, or simply Aqua, this young man’s life changed dramatically when his mother ended up in a rather dark scenario. Now a young man, Aqua has dedicated his life to avenging his mother, transitioning from a nice boy to a darkness-filled teen who hides behind his good looks and talent. It’s hard not to love almost everything about Aqua. He embodies a husbando with his dark personality filled with care, star qualities without boastfulness, and a face that lights up the screen when he appears. Aqua is one of those guys that make you want to journey alongside, reassuring him that everything will be okay and cheering him on to keep his light shining.

1. Polka From Dead Mount Death Play

Oshi-no-Ko-Wallpaper-4-700x315 Top 5 Male Characters From Spring 2023

According to kissanime polka, also known as the Corpse God, it’s like getting two guys in one. Initially a highly skilled and prestigious young man, Polka is assassinated and unwillingly loses control of his body to the Corpse God. Even in his “normal” human form, the Corpse God is remarkably attractive, sporting a look that most male idols would envy. Calm, collected, and undeniably cool, the Corpse God sets a high standard for other men to follow. Just be cautious not to provoke him, as he possesses formidable powers and will not hesitate to strike when necessary!

Final Thoughts

Creating this list wasn’t easy. Many male characters were worthy of inclusion, but ultimately, the ones above were chosen for their unique attributes, and we believe we did an excellent job narrowing down the possible selections. That being said, did your favorite character from the Spring 2023 season make the cut? We hope so, but perhaps we even introduced you to some options you weren’t previously aware of… You’re welcome for that!

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