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Top Birthday Gifts For A Baby Celebrating Its First Birthday

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It is always challenging to look for unique birthday gifts for babies, but when you have a vivid idea it is not as difficult as it looks. It becomes a lot easier when the gift is for a year-old baby as the favorite movement at that time will be pulling things to make them whole and then pushing them away. Here we are going to put up some top birthday gifts who are celebrating their first birthday.

1.  Soft toys:

Soft toys are the most common when it comes to giving a baby birthday gifts. Though it is the most common on the other hand it is also the softest and most adorable gift. Babies tend to love such gifts as it feels great against the skin. They can also cuddle with the soft toy if the toy is bigger than the baby. Soft toys mostly have an animal appearance which is loved by all the kids.

2.  Baby booties:

This is a crucial thing when the baby starts with its first step. Booties are very comfortable for baby’s feet and they also feet the foot warm. Baby booties are the cutest sock cum shoe. There are hundreds of sites from where can buy such booties but we would like to suggest you the best. One of the most used and famous sites is new baby gifts

3.  Baby walker:

A baby walker is for the stage when the baby starts crawling. Baby walker helps the baby to strengthen their legs and learn how to walk bit by bit. The features of the baby walkers are they have a sling sweat and wheels for the baby to move back and forth. The wheels help the baby move without the fear the baby might fall. It keeps the baby busy and gives the parents some time for themselves.

4.  Baby drum:

The baby loves to listen to new sounds in its initial years, and it’s much more fun when they are pounding the sounds themselves. They’ll have a lot of fun with this tiny drum. Simply set the drum close to the infant’s foot, and a sound will be played each time the infant kicks and it will keep the baby distracted. The drum flashes lights and generates melodies every time it rotates. When you are buying so much for kids why not gift the mother too? You can gift her coco chanel perfume or beauty products or a self-care kit.   

5.  Playhouse:

Playhouse is a combination of amazing learning and fun at the same time. It has sweet melodies, counting beads, and also shape fitting. This playhouse will keep the child most of the time with something or the other. It has an appealing, multicolored appearance for kids and tunes to keep kids entertained whereas the activities teach them as they have fun.

The above-mentioned suggestions have been discussed for you to pick a gift that you think the birthday kid will love. After reading this post your doubts will be slightly cleared on selecting a gift for an old-year-old baby.

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