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The Colourful Ocean strives to be the best wedding photographer, and it believes having an impressive set of talents is absolutely necessary. But are you aware of what distinguishes us from the many other professionals working in our field? a personality that is not only composed and charismatic but also reliable and trustworthy. When it comes to sealing the deal with your wedding photography clients, brides pay great attention not only to the capacity of a wedding photographer to provide high-quality deliverables but also to the traits of the wedding photographer themselves. After all, they are entrusting you with the responsibility of shooting one of the happiest and most significant days of their lives. Every photographer who specialises in weddings has a unique personality and approach to their work. However, certain characteristics of one’s personality go a long way toward developing a prosperous and content clientele.

The Colourful Ocean key traits

Communication Skills

Not only for the sake of business but also to make the bride and the guests feel at ease in front of the camera, a bride will typically expect a professional wedding photographer to have strong communication skills. This is true for both business and personal reasons. Friendly conversation is what separates an average photographer from The Colourful Ocean, and it can be used in a variety of contexts, including instructing guests on how to pose and planning fun ideas with bridesmaids and groomsmen.

We also believe that the ability to listen well is just as important as having a good speaking voice when it comes to effective communication. We engage in conversation with the customer by asking questions and paying close attention to all they have to say. Because you will most likely be interacting with a large number of people on the day of your wedding, honing our communication skills will make it much simpler for you to forge connections with The Colourful Ocean.


Every bride, when it comes time to choose wedding photographers, has one question in mind: “Will you be able to handle things when a crisis occurs?” Patience is a quality that is highly prized by wedding photographers and is considered to be one of the most important. And there are days when that alone can make a world of difference. Things can go wrong for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: working with clients who have unreasonable expectations; having a difficult work environment; or being blindsided by a technological problem. In situations like these, it is easy to become flustered or lose one’s composure. The Colourful Ocean has cultivated the habit of remaining patient and cool will not only helps you impress our customers but also allows us to find a solution to the situation without causing any additional harm.

Creative Instincts

As a wedding photographer, it is absolutely necessary to have natural creative instincts. One of the skills that distinguishes a good photographer is the ability to capture the ordinary in an artistic manner. In addition, brides are searching for a photographer who will not only produce gorgeous photographs but also bring something more to the table in addition to their skills. Yes!! We are talking about imaginative perception. No matter how far your skillet can take you, your imagination can take you even further. It is true, according to The Colourful Ocean, whether you are attempting to tell a story or experimenting with different photographic styles.


Working in the wedding industry can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be extremely difficult at times. Even if you have been working in this industry for a significant amount of time, there are going to be days that will test both your expertise and your patience. In circumstances such as these, passion can serve as a motivating force that will assist you in thriving and excelling at what you do. Being passionate about what you do can help you take it to the next level, and it is something that our clients will notice in The Colourful Ocean as an outstanding firm. It is imperative to The Colourful Ocean that our shoots may be able to speak for your company, but our passion demonstrates how far we are willing to go for the couples we work with.

Attention to detail

Another highly valued quality in a wedding photographer is an acute attention to detail. Although it may not be part of the average photographer’s technical skill set, it is a quality that every prospective bride will look for in a wedding photographer. It may seem like weddings are all about capturing big moments and making grand gestures, but the truth is that even the smallest of details can have a significant impact in certain situations. The Colourful Ocean focuses on detail shots, so there is a lot of room for us to experiment with different lighting setups, different types of compositions, and different types of wedding photography styles. As a result, having a keen eye for detail is an essential quality if you want to tag yourself as the best in the business.

Self Accountability

More than anything else, couples seek photographers in whom they can place their complete trust. The process of planning a wedding takes a significant amount of time. And the very last thing that couples want to do is hire somebody that they can’t rely on to execute their job without them being involved in it. The day of the wedding is equally as hectic for the couple as the planning stages and any other aspect of the wedding. Because of this, they are looking for someone who will also make sure that everything goes smoothly on their special day. In addition, if the couple knows you are a reputable wedding photographer like The Colourful Ocean, they won’t have to worry about whether or not we are doing our job correctly, which is one of the main causes of micromanagement.


Here at The Colourful Ocean, we enjoy providing you with wedding photography tips that will help you stand out. We also reduce your hassles on the wedding day, and quick delivery is a promise that The Colourful Ocean stands by. Call us to learn more about how we can assist with your wedding photography.

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