Types of problem Dentist treat, and why regular checkups are essential?

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Teeth are a part of the digestive system. As they cut and crash the food before swallowing it. It is essential to go to the dentist regularly. You will also find a Dentist In Ludhiana who examines tooth health very well and suggests the best treatment. 

If you do not provide proper care to your teeth, they may suffer from different types of diseases which need surgery to correct them. There are many dentists who perform Dental Implant Surgery in Punjab, with proven techniques and satisfactory results.

 A dentist is a person who examines dental health. They also perform several treatments for proper cleaning of the teeth and gums.

The earlier the problem is diagnosed, the better result you get for treatment. As infants get, teeth grow from 6 months and start falling off at the age of 6, so it is crucial to get regular checkups done between 11-14 years as permanent teeth grow. It is imperative to consult a dentist at this time. Any ignorance can become an incurable condition of your oral health. A dentist who especially treats and diagnoses children is called a paediatric dentist. 

These are some of the types of conditions a paediatric dentist treats.  

Oral health examination: in these tests, regular checkups of teeth and gums are being checked correctly. Methods of taking care of them are being suggested. 

Fluoride treatment: this treatment helps in preventing oral health issues. Cleaning the teeth and gums properly by applying it on gums and teeth for the dissolution of diseases more often prevents bacteria and other cavities. Fluoride treatment is suitable for both types of teeth, milk and permanent. 

Habit counselling: the paediatric dentist also consults a child to make them understand the importance of bruising and cleaning the teeth. 

Get rid of cavities: with proper cleaning and caring, cavities can be prevented. Also, dentists do fillings to cure cavities in the area where the tooth is decayed. 

Treat dental injuries: dentists also treat several types of damage on the tooth, like broken teeth or knock-out teeth, which helps in sleepy recovery and relieves the pain. 

Why is brushing your teeth essential?

We also clean teeth to keep oral health healthy and also help in preventing bacteria and cavities. How does this cavity grow? The hole or bacteria forms in the teeth when we eat food. There are many residuals left at the molars and premolars. As their structure is not smooth enough, the food particles start gathering there, and when teeth are not properly cleansed, it forms terrible bacteria and promotes cavities in the tooth. Which further needs treatments to cure. Because of harmful bacteria, the gums also get swollen and start to pain which causes difficulty in eating solids.

 Why should parents teach their young ones the proper way of brushing?

Parents must teach their children how to clean their teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste properly. Excessive use of tooth[paste can cause tooth enamel loss, promoting tooth weakening. 

How do the jaws of infants get cleaned?

It is very important for mothers to clean the jaws of little ones with a soft cloth. To prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth.


To have optimal dental health consult the best dentists at Foxxdental for proper care of your teeth and oral health in a safe and hygienic environment.

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