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5 Unhealthiest Sexual Habits You Should Break Right Now

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Physical intimacy is a vital part of adult life; it makes you emotionally stable and gives you immense support. Even if you are not in a long-term relationship, sexual intimacy remains the stressbuster in life. Certain sexual habits may not be doing justice to your partner, and you should ditch a few unhealthiest sexual habits to lead a better sex life. 

Sexual intimacy binds two individuals in a relationship and drives them to deliver their best in every aspect. It is a source of pleasure, validation, appreciation, and togetherness that makes you what you are. It completes you, and you look forward to more of it. You feel settled and ecstatic when you have a solid relationship that fulfills your physical and emotional needs. However, it is okay to face obstacles on the way. You might feel differently about sexual intimacy and be unable to perform for a while. The best thing to do at that point is to book an online sexologist consultation. 

Here we will address 5 unhealthiest sexual habits you need to break right now:

Not Being a Good Listener:

It is leisurely to take your spouse for granted and not pay heed to their needs. Not listening to them and how they feel can sabotage your relationship. You might initiate sex and do your part without paying attention to how that makes the other person feel.

It is crucial to notice the expressions and listen when they say they need to do it differently. Every individual is diverse, and so are their sources of pleasure. You should listen to your partner carefully and consider their needs. 

Having a routine: 

Having a routine might be good for your life, but having a similar routine in bed can be monotonous. It would be satisfactory if you whipped it up once in a while to keep the spark alive.

Following the same patterns can make it predictable and sucks the excitement out of it. You should be more experimental and try different timings, positions, and ways to elevate the levels of pleasure for you and your partner. 

Not Initiating it Beforehand:  

It is normal for couples in long-standing relationships to jump into the act to maintain physical intimacy. Treating it as a chore and doing it for the sake of it might be the worst mistake you can make. You must keep the spark alive no matter how old your relationship is.

The day you plan to be physically intimate, you can send your partner sultry messages or pics during the day to set the mood. You can try to give deeper kisses and touch them when you meet in the evening to send the message. It will help you to get in the zone, and you will enjoy it better. 

Skipping Foreplay:

Not giving enough time or skipping foreplay, on the whole, is the most common sexual habit in relationships. Foreplay is the part that delivers the maximum pleasure and upscales the pleasure multiple times. Give it its due time and put in the endeavor to make your relationship better. Spend ample time hugging, cuddling, and feeling each other’s bodies.

It is scientifically proven that most women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and vaginal penetration only might not be enough for them. It is the time when you pleasure a woman by doing it the way she likes it. Indulging in foreplay will make sex better for both partners and make you fall for each other again and again. do not skip this part and make your sex life a thousand times better by giving it the needed attention and time.


It is easy for couples of this era to get distant and not share much with their partner. Everyone is overwhelmed with their work lives. After work hours, everyone wants to be on the phone and surf social media mindlessly. It might create a communication gap and is one of the unhealthiest sexual habits. Even if one partner is working, it is easy to get busy in the routine and not spend sufficient time with each other.

Slowly the gap increases and your partner is no more a part of your daily life updates. It might be unhealthy for your relationship. It is crucial to spend free time together and communicate freely with each other to build and maintain a beautiful bond. Even for your sex life, feel free to ask what you need and how you desire your spouse to be in bed. Do not make it a guessing game, and express your desires and needs freely to your partner. It will help your relationship become stronger and more intense. 

Bottom Line

Developing good sexual habits can improve your relationship, and you should avoid the unhealthiest sexual practices mentioned above. If you face any trouble in your sex life, you should book a sexologist online consultation to find the solutions. 

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