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Unpaid Wages Lawsuit: Seeking Justice for Earned Compensation

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Continue reading to find out about an unpaid wages lawsuit.

Who is an unpaid wages attorney?

The attorney who will help you in negotiating your contract terms pertaining to your overtime and salary at the work with your manager will be called an unpaid wages attorney. It is important for all of us to maintain the dignity of our work. We should be timely appreciated for our renewal in skills so as to work on the demands of the client. This appreciation is normally in the form of promotion or timely crediting of the salary into the accounts. The wages attorney will help you settle your conflict with your manager if any pertaining to unpaid wages. This lawyer usually files an unpaid wages lawsuit to redress their client from any difficulty.

What will unpaid wages lawsuit help you gain?

  • This lawsuit will help you get the desired amount of money pertaining to your work that has not been paid for. This means that you will be given the full salary that has been paused by the company if you win the case.
  • The interest rate on the unpaid wages at a rate of 10% is also to be reimbursed to the employees in case an unpaid wages lawsuit has been filed against the firm. The company will consider that your money has been kept in the bank and therefore the interest rate will also be given according to the salary that must have been credited on time.
  • The attorneys’ fees and court charges are also to be taken by the company, if the case has been considered valid and the manager is guilty of not paying on time.

What is the right to fair compensation?

It is important for you to get properly compensated for the skills that you are investing in the company. The right to fair compensation is an important ingredient that the unpaid wages lawsuit has. You should be given the salary as per the market needs and adhere to the minimum wages followed as per law.

Till when can you file an unpaid wages lawsuit?

The government in Los Angeles allows you to file a lawsuit till 3 years from the date of refusal of payment by the manager. This means that you are specifically required to wait for an initial time so that the company can pay your dues. If they continue to not do so, then you are given the provision to file an unpaid wages lawsuit against them.

Can the firm remove you from the office in case you file an unpaid wages lawsuit?

No, it is against the law followed in Los Angeles if you are being removed on grounds that you have filed a case against your firm in case the wages have not been paid on time. You can file an unpaid wages lawsuit when you feel that your salary is intentionally put on pause by the firm. Removing you because of these reasons can be termed as discrimination. This is because you will not be allowed to access your rights at the workplace.


To sum up all that has been discussed, this post was an ultimate guide towards unpaid wages lawsuit. You need to respect the time that you spend at your firm. You should be fully compensated as per the guidelines established by the labor industry whilst you are working at a company that abides by one. It is important for you to maintain your rights while you are working. Doing so is also essential to get the desired respect pertaining to your area of work. Taking help from an attorney can be the right decision so as to overcome the problems faced at the firm that are discriminatory in nature.

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