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UploadNow: Share files safely for free with no registration

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In this digitally interconnected era, businesses and individuals are relying more and more on data storage and sharing facilities for all the right reasons. UploadNow makes it more convenient with its complete cloud storage solution that comes with data privacy, powerful infrastructure, and free plans—all without any requirement to register an account. Users can easily store, share, and protect files to streamline their workflow with UploadNow.

Unique features provided by UploadNow

UploadNow aims to be the best alternative to the giants in the cloud file sharing industry. Here’s how UploadNow is becoming a leading name among other similar services:

It’s free: UploadNow offers an essentially free service for its users that can be used for most purposes. With the free plan, users can store and share files easily, up to 100 GB. However, users have the flexibility to upgrade their plan to a paid version in order to access all the features and larger limits.

No registration is required. Users can send files and store them effortlessly without creating an account. Where similar software and services require personal details like an email address or phone number to create an account, on UploadNow, users can easily use the features with simple drag-and-drop options. This makes it easier to store and share photos, videos, or any type of file without sharing your details with a third party. However, users can still choose to upgrade the guest account and secure their files on the cloud.

Data privacy: UploadNow takes data security seriously and refrains from sharing or distributing any personal data of its users to third-party entities. With UplaodNow, any data shared or stored will be encrypted in transit using the advanced 256-bit encryption standard and SSL/TLS. Not only this, but each encryption key is encrypted with a set of master keys that are regularly rotated.

File preview and streaming: With UploadNow, users can have a preview and stream the files as well through a simple link. They can also choose to password-protect the folders and files or send them via email. After uploading the multimedia files, users can stream and preview the audio, video, and image files, as well as PDF files.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure: Users can securely host and upload files on UploadNow that are backed by a secure infrastructure hosted on the European continent. UploadNow follows the SSL/TLS protocol between the software and all its servers to ensure integrity and confidentiality.

Powerful file manager: UploadNow offers a comprehensive and intuitive file browser that helps users create and organise folders as well as manage them. UploadNow offers the option to choose and share the folders and keep them private and inaccessible to others. The file manager also comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts that help increase productivity.

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About UploadNow:

UploadNow is a cloud storage and sharing platform that offers free, simple, and efficient file services in a secure way. The cloud service provider follows the mantra of data confidentiality and security in file sharing and storage.

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