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Abnormal Pap Smear Treatment Results: What to Do?

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If you have had abnormal pap smear results, don’t worry! This is a very common condition.

What Does an Abnormal Pap Smear Mean?

Your doctor will explain your results and what you need to do next.

  • An abnormal result may be due to many things, including:
  • Normal changes in the cervical cells as you get older (age-related atypia)
  • Cervical inflammation or infection (cervicitis)
  • HPV infection (low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion [LSIL] or high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion [HSIL])
  • Tubal ligation (tubal damage)

How Will Your Doctor Treat an Abnormal Pap Smear?

It’s important to remember that the results of an urgent care pap smear are not always accurate, and they can change over time. It’s best to get an HPV test at the same time as a pap smear so that your doctor can compare them—if there is any irregularity with the HPV test, it will show up right away on your next pap smear. Your doctor may also want you to come for another test (a colposcopy) or repeat your pap smear in six months.

Many people worry about the risks associated with getting tested regularly for STIs—and while these risks are real, they’re much more likely if you don’t get tested at all than if you get tested regularly and then don’t follow up on abnormal results. Pap smears aren’t foolproof: sometimes things slip through the cracks despite our best efforts at prevention, but they’re still one of our best tools for identifying issues early on before they become serious problems or even worse situations down the road!

Will You Need to Come Back for Another Pap Smear?

If your pap smear results are abnormal, it might be time for you to return for another one. The lab report will explain whether or not you need another test. If you are over 30 and have an abnormal pap smear, then the lab may recommend that you come back in 6 months so they can do a repeat test (or colposcopy). The reason is that older women have higher rates of abnormal results than younger ones do.

If you have had abnormal pap smear results, don’t worry! This is a very common condition.

If you have had abnormal pap smear results, don’t worry! This is a very common condition. Most cases are not serious and can be treated without further testing.

In most cases, your doctor can diagnose and treat the problem in one visit. Your doctor may also refer you for additional tests like an HPV test or colposcopy (a special examination of your cervix) if they suspect that infection or precancerous changes are present.

Your doctor may recommend a repeat Pap test in six months if they suspect some problems could resolve on their own or that abnormal cells may turn into cancer later. When abnormal cells cannot be treated or removed, your doctor may recommend removing your uterus (hysterectomy) to prevent cervical cancer from developing later in life.


You need to know that an abnormal urgent care pap smear result isn’t necessarily a reason for concern. If your doctor confirms that everything looks okay, you can rest assured that no further treatment or follow-up appointments will be needed. If this is all it takes, you may need some time to recover before having another pap smear test done in the future!

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