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Virtual Numbers Empower Business & Boost Overall Productivity

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Landlines are insufficient for reaching coworkers and clients these days as people work away from their desks or even sometimes call from a different time zone. The solution for facilitating seamless and economical corporate communication is a virtual phone number. Virtual Phone number provides businesses access to global telephony technologies as they are not restricted to any phone line. It also overcomes the irritation of automated call options and route calls to a specific phone within the corporate servers, making a more instant connection.

Let us dive deep into this article to know more about virtual numbers and how it helps empower business and boost overall productivity.

What is a Virtual Number ?

Virtual Phone Number is a phone system feature that connects incoming calls directly to a user, an extension, or a voicemail. This is faster than an automated routing menu, which routes calls to the right person. Businesses gain access to virtual phone numbers by leasing business contact numbers from a network operator and allocating these numbers to certain users, lines or ring groups. Virtual Phone Number is available from providers of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and classic landline PBX. However, setting it up differs depending on whether the internet communication uses VoIP or PSTN.

Businesses can streamline their calls while maintaining a professional reputation. So, let’s look at the many uses virtual numbers have across industries that effectively helps them to empower their business and boost their overall productivity-;

Put Sales And Customer Service Under One Roof

Customers are no more interested in searching through an interminable directory of phone numbers to reach the appropriate department. Virtual numbers direct calls to a certain department, whether local or international. With that, it is easy for the customers to get in touch with the right individual to solve their problems or make a sale.

Establishing A Presence In The Community

Many clients prefer to interact with a local business. In an outbound marketing effort, clients will not answer the phone for an unknown number. Businesses  can circumvent these sales barriers by using virtual numbers. With a local virtual number, businesses can make the community engagement process more accessible even if  their team is located worldwide.

Keep Track Of  Ad Campaign

Businesses can track the success of their marketing campaigns using virtual phone numbers.Businesses can provide each campaign with an easy-to-remember inward number. When the calls are transferred back to their division, they will be able to determine which ones create the most favorable impressions on their potential customers.

Offers Additional Features

The virtual phone number system also includes a few additional features like call transcription, call forwarding, SMS and email notifications, advanced customized settings etc. It  provides simple extensions for team members and many more customized changes. Businesses won’t get such features if they use your mobile phone number or landlines to initiate business calls.

Enhancing The Online Shopping And Food Delivery Process

Connecting with clients is challenging for businesses who are constantly on the go. The virtual number provider provides the customer with a virtual number, which can  be allocated to a delivery agent. Therefore, the agent and the customer can have a private discussion without compromising performance.

Getting In Touch With The Service Engineers

When a service issue arises,customers want quick resolutions. Businesses may better coordinate the information flow between their engineers and customers using virtual numbers. In turn, this improves the experience for all participants involved in the procedure.

Build Customer Loyalty 

Virtual phone numbers can be a useful tool to track customer reaction. Eventually, it contributes a lot in generating more revenue and building customer loyalty towards the brand.

Call Recording Facility

By integrating the virtual number India in business, businesses can easily record inbound and outbound calls in real-time. It will be helpful for businesses to hear the queries and suggestions of the customers later and maintain their business quality standards. Further, this feature will automatically let the customer know that the call is being recorded, and make it perfectly safe from a legal point of view.

IVR Integration

The virtual number can be  easily integrated with IVR technology to automate the communication process. IVR is a cloud telephony feature that uses a prerecorded message to greet incoming calls and route them through a predetermined flow. It reduces the wait time for both the callers and the company and improves overall efficiency.

Easy to Set up and Cost-effective

A virtual phone number system does not need any extensive hardware setup. All it needs is a stable broadband connection and a virtual phone system, to begin with. Therefore, no or very little expenditure is incurred on regular maintenance. Businesses can pay an inexpensive subscription fee to a service provider and get a virtual number for themselves. Moreover, the call charges for a virtual phone system are much less than traditional landline systems. Making long-distance calls through a virtual number is less expensive. Hence, it helps businesses save up on a lot of miscellaneous and overhead charges.

Provides Flexibility and Increases Productivity 

A virtual number is not aligned to a desk phone hence provides flexibility to the team to make calls from anywhere at any time. It boosts the productivity of the team and allows them to work remotely. 

Maintains Professionalism 

A business’ virtual phone number is a pivotal part of its identity. It adds a professional touch to the business. A business can assign multiple virtual numbers to different departments like customer service, sales, Human resources etc. It also helps businesses to keep their personal and professional life separate. The calls can be initiated using a virtual number without disclosing the personal mobile number of the team member. No client is lost even if a team member decides to leave the company as all the calls are made using the company’s virtual number. 

Establishes Local Presence

A local number enhances the local presence by building ties with the community. It also helps customers associate with the brand and builds their trust in the business. Moreover, the customers are more likely to answer a call from a local number than an unfamiliar code. Businesses can use different virtual numbers for other cities and gather region-specific call data. This data can be analyzed and used for keeping a track of the calling process.

Provides 24×7 Connectivity 

A 24/7 customer support service has become the utmost necessity for any business to grow. Missing out on any call and losing a potential client can be devastating for a business. A virtual phone number automates the calling process and routes the call to the right destination. Since the number is not aligned to a desk phone, the phone calls can be made and answered remotely. Hence, it provides operational flexibility to carry out the communication process. This technology  also ensures that no call goes without being answered. It has an inbuilt feature to forward calls to any other mobile device if a team member is busy.


In the end, we can conclude by saying that virtual phone numbers provide several features to amplify the quality of customer experience and business growth. Businesses can use these features by using virtual numbers to initiate business calls and increase the overall efficiency of the communication process.

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