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Wavlink Extender Login Not Happening? Let’s Fix it!

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Are you unable to log in to the Wavlink extender? This can be bothersome. Wavlink WiFi extender login is essential to complete the setup. After the setup is done, the same login page is accessed to manage the extender. Not being able to log in to the admin setup page can be resolved by using the hacks that have been given in this guide. Simply walk through these hacks and learn the possible cause for the issue and also know what you ought to do to fix the problem.

Why Can’t You Log In to Wavlink Extender?

1. Using the Wrong Login URL

Using an incorrect login web URL is one main reason why you can not log into the Wavlink extender. We hope you are not doing the same mistake. If you are then it is time you rectify your mistake by cross-checking the login web address. Make sure you are not typing it with typos in it. Also, refrain from using the search bar of the browser to avoid landing on some wrong web page.

2. Outdated Browser

Using an outdated version of the web browser can stop you from accessing certain web pages. So must be the case now as well. Consider updating the browser before again trying to access the Wavlink extender admin panel by logging in. Also, flush out the cache from the browser by going to the settings.

3. Incorrect Login Details

Another possible cause of why you are failing to log in to your extender is using incorrect login credentials. In case you have changed the default Wavlink login password after the setup process, then use the modified password. Make zero typing mistakes. Also, check the Caps Lock key before typing the credentials.

4. Poor Power Supply

If you still fail in logging in then check the power supply to the extender. To do this, you need to check the power cable. If it is loose or broken then get it replaced and plug it properly. Also, check the power socket. If you see any damage then plug the extender into some other socket. In the event of power outages, consider using a UPS to supply a fluctuation-free power supply to the extender.

5. Unstable Internet Connection

Check with your ISP to confirm about any internet issues going on from his end. If he denies any issue from his end, then check the connection between the extender and the host router or the main gateway.
If it is a cabled connection then examine the Ethernet cable and the respective ports. The cable should not be damaged or has cuts on it. Replacing the cable will be the best option if you find it broken.
The Ethernet ports shouldn’t be damaged. Connect the cable to alternative ports if any of the ports is broken or damaged.
In case you have connected the networking devices (extender and router) wirelessly then check the distance between the two devices. Perhaps they are placed far from each other and hence they can not communicate properly. Reduce the distance between them to ensure a stable internet connection.

6. Technical Hiccups

Try to reboot your Wavlink wireless range extender. This is to eliminate technical glitches from the extender. Sudden power failures or internet disconnections can be the reason for technical glitches. To fix them, turn off the extender and remove it from the wall socket. After about 5 minutes, connect its power cable and turn it on.

7. Reset the Extender

When no other hack works the last option that you are left with is to reset the extender. The issue seems deeper than expected. Resetting will delete the personalized settings from it and retain the default settings back. To reset, press the button labeled Reset on the extender.

Wrapping Things Up

When you have reset your Wavlink extender, you must set it up once again. Use the same process that you used while setting up the extender after purchasing it. You need to use the default login password now to access the setup page and complete the setup process..

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