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What are the best vegetarian dishes that you should try?

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Vegetarian food is definitely advisable to be consumed by almost anyone in this particular world because of the nutritional benefits associated with it. Especially considering that Indian vegetarian food is definitely a great idea for people because of the protein and other nutritional content provided by it due to the spices used in the preparation process. So, the following are some of the very basic best vegetarian main dishes that you must try:

Aloo Jeera:

This particular dish is definitely considered to be a very good idea to be tried by individuals because these are the basic potatoes which are tempered in cumin seeds, green chilli with chopped onion and tomato. Ultimately these are garnished with coriander and ultimately are one of the best possible vegetarian dishes that you must try.

Chana masala:

These are the chickpeas which are cooked in any tomato masala sauce along with Indian herbs and spices. This is a semi-dry dish and ultimately will be providing people with significant satisfaction to be tastebuds without any doubt.

Dal Makhani:

This is the traditionally renowned black lentil delicacy which will be the perfect satisfaction to the taste buds and trying this is definitely a good idea for individuals so that they will be able to enjoy the perfect Indian meal. Dal Makhani is one of the most important items on the Indian vegetarian food menu which will be helpful in providing people with perfect satisfaction.

Malai kofta: 

This is the best possible dish of vegetarian cheese balls which are cooked and cream-based nuts sauce and the associated gravy which will be helpful in providing people with the perfect element of satisfaction. This could be considered a delight to the taste buds of individuals without any problem. ordering this particular dish in an Indian restaurant is the perfect opportunity of trying out the best possible authentic flavours associated with such food items.

Mix vegetables:

These are the seasonal vegetables in the tomato onion semi-dry sauce and ultimately provide people with the best possible satisfaction without any problem. Considering this particular option is definitely a good idea so that everyone will be able to have the perfect meal in the form of lunch or dinner. tastebuds without any doubt.

Mushroom do pyaza:

This is the basic combination of mushrooms with onions which are cooked together in tomato onion-rich masala sauce and ultimately people will be able to enjoy a lot after consuming this particular dish. Basically, this is the favourite dish of all the mushroom lovers in the industry.


In addition to the above mentioned points, you can also try out Indian starters veg in the form of mushroom tikka, Paneer chilli, chilly mushroom, French fries, Papad masala, Paneer Pakora and other associated things which will be definitely helpful in providing you with the best level of satisfaction. Such options will be definitely considered to be the delight of any kind of party and ultimately will be able to provide people with the perfect foodie experience without any doubt.

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