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What Breeam Security Can Do for Buildings’ Environmental Impact?

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It is important for every human living on this planet to take care of it and make it safe for future generations. BREEAM standards are playing a great role in minimising harmful development effects by using smarter solutions. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) has established a preferred assessment method for the developers and constructors to measure the sustainability of the building and make it better for the environment. What exactly can BREEAM do for the environmental impact of a building?

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading science-based certification system made to provide a sustainable built environment. It is a trusted framework that provides meaningful insights for smart decision-making about the assets in the future. BREEAM, with over 30 years of experience as a third-party accreditation, provides an easy assessment of assets for developers and contractors. BREEAM security needs assessment is carried out to specify and measure the sustainability of the building, ensuring that the project meets all goals.

How Does BREEAM Work?

BREEAM is used to masterplan buildings, projects and infrastructure, projects and infrastructure. This method uses assessment and certification to make sure the building you are constructing is eco-friendly and sustainable. Sustainable construction practices use energy-efficient and eco-friendly methods to reduce the environmental impact as the construction industry’s environmental impact is huge. BREEAM assessment evaluates the design and construction of a development against the targets. It mainly focuses on pollution, transport, waste management, water, health and well-being and energy. The factors focussed by BREEAM also include reduced carbon emissions, ecological value, low-impact design and biodiversity protection. Two types of assessments are carried out for the rating.

Importance of BREEAM

The BREEAM is a platform that has set user-friendly standards for the verification of environmental assessments. This method provides an assessment and certification across all the assets to provide sustainable buildings and reduce their negative impacts on the environment. A building with a good BREEAM rating not only benefits the environment but also benefits the business and reputation.

A number of top leading sustainability consultants and qualified BREEAM assessors explain a wide number of benefits of BREEAM and how it will continue to play its role. The Building Research Establishment BRE describes the BREEAM as the most widely used assessment method for buildings and projects. It is currently using the best standards and has become the best measure being used to describe the environmental performance of a building. The changing climates have a huge impact on the environment. And the studies have significantly influenced the leading authorities to take immediate action. Through global climate change awareness, there is a fast-growing demand for sustainable building that guarantees healthy and clean living.

What are the Benefits of BREEAM?

If we talk about the benefits of BREEAM security, it assesses the building against the set standards and assures that the construction is sustainable. Sustainable construction means the practice of techniques that provide long-term protection, minimise waste and protect the health of the workers and people who are going to live there. Here are some of the drastic benefits that sustainable development has to offer:

  • Social benefits
  • Economic benefits
  • Environmental benefits

Role of BREEAM to Minimise Environmental Impact

When it comes to construction, the environmental impact is the most important area to consider. Fortunately, BREEAM has set high standards for buildings to provide maximum environmental benefits. A few of them include less waste material, improved quality of water and air and, most amazingly, the best use of natural resources. Sustainable construction ensures proper ventilation inside the building to avoid the use of materials causing harmful emissions. Smart practices and techniques are use to enhance the quality of indoor air. Moreover, the buildings made under the supervision of BREEAM aim to produce less waste. The waste materials, such as combustion products, debris and foundry sand, can be recycle to prevent pollution and preserve natural resources.

  • Conserving natural resources is the aim of BREEAM, and sustainable buildings are design and developed to use the material productively.
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly materials are use to minimise environmental effects, such as toxicity, resource depletion and global warming.
  • Solar power is use in buildings to reduce utility bills, and windows are design in a way to provide more natural light and warmth.
  • Green insulation products and smart appliances are use to reduce the environmental impact of harmful products.  


Every year, the demand for sustainable buildings is increasing, which is why it has now become part of the UK government’s construction strategy that every public project must undergo an environmental assessment known as BREEAM. It is now the requirement of all buildings to achieve an excellent BREEAM rating as the development with a high BREEAM rating can get multiple benefits, such as higher market value, quick sale, reduced property costs, social benefits, and mainly environmental benefits.

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