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What do you give at a wedding?

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You’ve been invited to a wedding! Time to think about the bachelorette party, an outfit and a gift for the big day. But what do you give at a wedding? It can be quite a difficult task to come up with something. With the help of this blog, full of tips, you will definitely get there!

Wedding gifts then and now

In the past, it was customary to marry ‘from home’. Because the newlyweds still needed a lot of stuff, entire wedding lists were drawn up for the new house. Think of bed sheets, crockery, cutlery, vases, and so on. Everything was on it except the envelope. Nowadays, marriages are becoming increasingly later in the relationship, where there is often already a fully furnished house and sometimes children. As a result, we see wedding lists less often, but we often see an envelope on the invitation. This means that the bridal couple likes to receive money as a gift.

Will it be a gift or an envelope with content?

According to etiquette, it is actually not the intention for a bridal couple to ask for an envelope. The biggest ‘problem’ with this is that the bridal couple can literally see how much money you are giving them. Guests can be embarrassed by this because they give a lot or perhaps a little. Still, bridal couples are increasingly asking for money as a wedding gift, but how much should you give?

How much money do you give at a wedding?

How much money do you give at a wedding? This very much depends on the relationship you have with the bridal couple and whether you are a day or evening guest. An important fact here is of course that you have to give what you feel good about. If you can’t afford to give such an amount financially, you don’t have to. After all, the bridal couple invited you because they want you to be there and not because you come with an envelope.

Online research shows that bridal couples are divided into three categories.

1. Colleagues and acquaintances
In general, it is agreed on the internet that your colleagues and acquaintances donate an amount between € 20 and € 40. These costs depend on whether you come alone, then you can rest assured Give €20, and whether you are only invited to the party or also at other times of the day.

2. Friends and family
In the next category often a little more is donated. Friends and family receive from most people between €35 and €50 or sometimes just a little more when you are present as a couple and you are also a day guest.

3. Close family and very best friends
After all, most people’s closest friends and close relatives get between $50 and $150. Why such a big difference? This is because some people indicate that they have already designed the invitation, have done the bridal make-up, or are masters of ceremonies, for example. The bridal couple often does not expect that you will also come with a large amount of money.

It is of course primarily about what you can spare yourself. Perhaps you have already made a lot of investments in the wedding, think of a bachelor party or an outfit because the dress code called for it. So give what feels right and what you can afford, even if this amount is higher or lower than the above guidelines.

An original wedding gift

Would you rather give an original wedding gift? Finding something nice for the bridal couple that is also personal can be quite difficult. Did the bridal couple make it easy for you by making a gift list? Lucky you! Didn’t they do this? Then the master of ceremonies may still have ideas. We have also listed a number of original wedding gifts for you.

Accessories for the home
Accessories for the home are often pricey, ideal if you want to give a slightly more expensive gift. For example, think of a beautiful painting or other wall decoration. Of course, it is personal, so pay close attention to the style and taste of the bridal couple. A beautiful plant, a plaid, or tasty scented sticks are of course always nice to give and receive!

Crockery or a nice set of glasses
Giving tableware as a gift may sound a bit silly, but nowadays there are so many beautiful dinnerware for sale that it can really be a nice and original gift. Complete tableware set is too expensive? Then see if you can give a share with several guests. For example, the bridal couple has a complete dinner set at the end of the day. The same goes for a set of glasses. Few people have a beautiful and complete set of glasses. Still, it’s very nice to have at home. Whether you have guests or have something to celebrate, your wine tastes just that little bit better from a nice glass! More of the whiskey? Then a few luxury whiskey glasses will of course also suffice.

A travel bag or suitcase 
Most bridal couples go on a honeymoon after the wedding. How nice is it to have a nice suitcase or travel bag as a special memory of the wedding? Also useful when waiting at the baggage claim where hundreds of similar suitcases pass by. Give a unique travel bag or suitcase as a gift and you will immediately make it a bit easier for the bridal couple!

Matching bathrobes
One of our favorite original wedding gifts: matching bathrobes. The newlyweds will probably want to eat a biscuit together in the matching bathrobes you have given. Of course, it is preferable to opt for such a wonderfully soft copy.

Found a wedding present?

Did we help you find a wedding gift with this blog? Hopefully, there is a tip that has helped you to come up with a suitable gift or to fill that envelope with the right amount for you! We from Aller Spanninga wish you and the newlyweds a very happy wedding day!

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