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What Happens In A Brain Surgery?

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The brain is the physical aspect of the mind, it is the brain that acts as a supervisor and an overseer to all bodily functions, the functioning of the brain deteriorates with the process of ageing, just like any other part of the body.

It is the nervous system that is spread across the body that helps capture impulses, and pass on messages t various functions of the body to facilitate smooth functioning of the body. The reason why people are scared whenever there is a problem with the brain associated is that any minute problem in the brain can result in severe deviations in the body and can be aggravated manifold.

But is brain surgery the only and last option that people have to opt for whenever there are problems with regards to the brain concerned let us understand them in detail?


Brain surgery is not the last and final ultimatum that can be performed in the case of a minor headache or a head injury. It is important to understand that brain surgeries can only be performed after a series of medications, a routing number of tests and a specified CT scan from a reliable source. However, the possible conditions under which the brain surgery can be performed are as follows:

  1. Prevent bleeding inside the brain: When the bleeding inside the brain is increased due to unforeseen factors and also triggered due to change in the body, and the internal bleeding in the brain cannot be treated via medicines or any other form of medication that is when the doctor can suggest for brain surgery.
  2. Removal of tumour: When the tumour or the unwanted growth of cells in the brain tends to affect the normal functioning of the brain. That is when after a period of tests the neurologist can suggest the removal of a tumour

A very popular and respected neurosurgeon in Ludhiana explains “ In the initial stages tumours are usually disintegrated using medicines, injections and cerebrospinal injections but when the tumours are really large and cannot be cured by any of the above-mentioned processes that are when the doctor can suggest for surgery to remove the same.

  1. Free a nerve that is being dominated: Sometimes the inherent structure of the brain may be genetically designed in such a way that one particular nerve bending may be subject to dominance because of the natural build-up that is when after a period of test and a series of consultations a person is advised to go for a surgery.
  2. Drain out pus that has been filling the brain – A pus or an infection which is formed in the brain can be drained out only by filling out cerebrospinal injections if the cerebrospinal injections are not working because the infection within has aggravated that is when the doctor can suggest for a surgery.
  3. In case of accidents – In case of accidents when the entire structure of the brain is disturbed that is when the neurologist has to be quick in decision-making and take a decision as to what has to be done and how it has to be done. Thus the role of a neurologist is tough because as per situation demand the decision has to be quick and abrupt because any deviations can put the patient’s life at risk.” Concluded another well-known neurologist in Ludhiana.

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