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The secondary function of the kidneys is to generate hormones for the assimilation of vitamin D and phosphorus. The main structure of the kidneys is the bowman’s capsule, the bowman’s capsule has a very similar role to play as that of a nucleus in a cell. The Bowman’s capsule is what filters the blood and lets the urine pass through the ureter towards the urethra to be finally expelled from the body. The functioning of the kidneys is what helps maintain the required amount of water in the kidneys, facilitates the process of osmoregulation and also has a major function in making the body toxin free.

However, just like any other part of the body, the kidneys are also prone to deterioration, a process which is often caused due to the commencement of ageing and sometimes even accelerated at an uneven pace due to the rapid lifestyle changes.

The major problem that occurs with the kidneys is the problem of having kidney stones. Let us understand in detail what happens and how a kidney stone is formed.


A kidney stone is formed when there is improper assimilation of nutrients in the bloodstream the improper assimilation of salts, and nutrients is what causes the urine to crystallise in the urine to form stones which result in kidney stones. The major reasons for the triggered cause of kidney stones are a diet which is laden with artificially manufactured chemicals and unsaturated fats. The excess of fats when proven to be an excess load on the liver tend to be a burden on the kidneys as well and thus form crystals and affect the smooth functioning of the urinary system.

But is improper diet the only reason behind the appearance of kidney stones or are there any more reasons attached to the same yes one of the other major reasons is the less intake of water, water being a universal solvent is what can dissolve almost anything thus less intake of water affects the functioning of the kidneys and forms kidney stones.

But is surgery the only possible solution available for the appearance of a kidney stone when surgery is recommended? Let us understand the conditions when surgery becomes inevitable?


  1. As per one of the best urologist in Punjab who has assisted quite a few kidney stone surgeries in Punjab “When the stone is really too big, and the pain has elevated significantly that is when the doctors after having gone through multiple tests will suggest for a kidney stone removal surgically”.
  2. The stone is continuing to grow in size without any signs of diminishing: The spontaneous growth of the stone without any kind of diminishing in the size is what the doctor can suggest removing surgically only after having done multiple tests.
  3. When the pain is unbearable and it is causing additional problems when the pain is produced in the lower back is unbearable and it is causing other problems like blood in urine, pain in passing out, bloating, vomiting etc.
  4. When the stone has begun to affect the internal structure of the kidneys and cause an infection inherently which is when the urologist shall advise opting for a surgery

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