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What is IELTS, PTE? The right place to do it and the best ways to crack them

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IELTS is a well-known English test. To go abroad, an individual has to clear. The very best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana is also there, which helps students to achieve their desired bands with proper guidance and support. 

PTE is another English language test (Pearson’s Test of English). The test is entirely computer-based. PTE Institute in Ludhiana comes up with the best technology-packed labs to practise and learn the tips and tricks to crack these exams with high scores. 

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. This test is one of the most challenging tests. It requires proper training and regular classes to crack it. IELTS focuses on every aspect, like speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Equally, a student should be perfect in all aspects. Only then can he clear the test. All four modules are evaluated differently, and the test is conducted differently in equal time intervals. The test is conducted in pen and paper. CD-IELTS are also the same; the only difference is that they are conducted on a computer. Currently, the cost of the IELTS exam is 15.500 INR and whereas CD-IELTS is 16,250 INR.

PTE is totally a computer-based test. It is conducted with the help of AI. As the AI also checked the exam. PTE also consists of four modules: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. During the test, different exercises were given to solve in which the modules are interlinked. Compared to IELTS, PTE is easier to crack for students who find speaking English difficult. The cost of the PTE exam is 15,900 INR. 

Here are some proven ways to crack IELTS and PTE:

Practise more: many students ignore practising as they think that this is just a mere language, but to crack such difficult exams in a limited time, you need proper practice and training. It would be best if you learned new words, practised writing for a limited time, and then focused on increasing your reading speed. 

Get your doubt clear: clear your every doubt before appearing for the exams. Do not hesitate to ask questions from your trainer or coach. 

Analysis of your growth: always prepare a report of your marks to see the constant change. And this enables you to know your weak points as well. So after that, you put some extra effort into working on your more vulnerable parts. 

Appear for sample test: get yourself to do a sample test every week to learn time management through it. Completing exams on time is also crucial during the exam, especially the reading proportions.  

What are the benchmarks set by Canada to get a PR?

Students and individuals to IELTS to get settled in abroad countries. If we talk about Punjab, most people prefer Canada to spend the rest of their lives there. 

These are the benchmarks set for students and individuals must have to crack to get a PR in Canada by CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark): 

You must have at least 6.0 bands in every module to get considered for PR. 

What is Express Entry launched by the Canadian government?

This is an online immigration service in which Canada is giving permanent residence to skilled workers. They come with certain conditions and benchmarks. Clearance of IELTS is one of them. This process is of 6 months. So, your certificate of IELTS must be valid.  


If you also want to have proper consultation about Canada PR or IELTS training, come to NexGeneration Education to fulfil your dream of cracking IELTS and settling in Canada. They will provide you with the best services with guaranteed results. 

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