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What is Sublimation Printing? What is Transfer Printing?

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In this article, we will try explain about dye sublimation printing service in Dallas, which is the production technique of many personalized products.

Sublimation is the transformation of a solid into a gas directly under the influence of heat.

Sublimation dyes are found in a very small amount in special inks. These paints are printed on transfer paper by a printer using the spray method.

Transfer paper is a very thin paper coated with pigment and wax. The image transferred from the printer to the transfer paper is transferred from the transfer paper to the product to be printed by becoming a gas at an average temperature of 200 degrees. The content in the transfer paper is cut in accordance with the product to be printed and transferred to the product with the help of a device that mostly uses heat. More accurately, the ink penetrates into the product.

The difference between sublimation printing and digital printing is that sublimation printing is used for polyester and polyester-containing products. Also, sublimation printing uses heat unlike digital printing.

Necessary equipment;


•Sublimation printer

•Transfer paper

•Heat transfer press 

• The product to be printed 

In the sublimation printing system, the image transferred from the camera, mobile phone or scanner is transferred to the computer. It is transferred from the computer to the sublimation printer and printed. The transfer paper output is transferred to the personalized product with the help of press devices. The transfer paper can then be gently removed from the used object.

What are Sublimation Printing Products?

Sublimation printing is an extremely high quality and useful printing technique. Many personalized products and gift materials are created by sublimation printing method. To these; glass, metal, ceramic, wood, stone, plastic materials such as mugs, plaque plates, medallion necklaces, name badges, types of puzzles, coasters, tile types, key chains. In addition to all these, printing is also made on fabric and t-shirts. The same printing technique is applied to these products. If it is different from other products, the ink penetrates the texture of the fabric and there is no embossing, the image is not palpable. It is not affected by washing. However, sublimation printing fabrics must be polyester fabrics. Since there will be no polyester material in cotton fabrics, the ink does not penetrate into the fabric.   

You can quickly access many sublimation printing products in ProductSelect. You can easily access trophy cups , t-shirts, plaque types , medallions, championship cups and more with the same day shipping opportunity.

What Should We Pay Attention To While Sublimation Printing?

When sublimation printing, it should be well known how much heat will be applied to which product. Otherwise, there will be color changes similar to burning in the applied product. It should be known which product will be printed with which press and how long the application will take. In order to avoid time and cost loss, a trial must be made before mass applications are made. It is important to use heat resistant tape for hard surfaces. However, you have to stick the tape away from the image. Outputting the image larger than the object will reduce your margin of error in printing.

What Are the merits and demerits of Sublimation Printing?

Pros of Sublimation Printing:

You can easily play around with the size, color and other features of the image you print. Therefore, it provides the advantage of personalization and customization.

The construction time is short, it is made and delivered quickly.

Depending on your printer, you can get high resolution products.

Products produced with sublimation printing are long-lasting. Does not fade or peel off.

Cons of Sublimation Printing:

We can say that the biggest disadvantage of sublimation printing is that it is only suitable for polyester and polyester mixed products. 

In order for the designs to be clearer, it is necessary to use a light-colored background.

From time to time, there may be a ghosting problem in the print.

Color mismatch problem may be encountered. When the image on your computer screen is in the RGB color scale, your printer will print it in CMYK. This can create a color mismatch problem in some applications.

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