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What To Avoid If  Restore a QuickBooks Backup file

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But what if you find an error while restoring the backup file?

Frequently, QuickBooks Desktop encounters issues that can be quickly fixed by restoring the backup. This article will address one such mistake that occurs when restoring the backup of the QuickBooks data file and causes QuickBooks to display an Error: Failed or QuickBooks Restore failed error. Restore failed issues can arise for a variety of reasons and can appear in QuickBooks with a variety of error messages. Each reason for the restore failed error in QuickBooks has been thoroughly discussed in this page, along with a few straightforward fixes you can try. For more information, read the entire article.

The meaning of the QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

This blog discusses what to do if a QuickBooks “restore failed” issue appears. it also describes potential causes of the error. Using a QuickBooks® repair tool may be helpful to reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting the problem and recover access to the company file data.

“Error: Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File”

“Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove log file”

The read-only setting on this file Try again with a different name”

The QuickBooks Restore Failed Error is giving you pain.
For Immediate Assistance, dial +1 855.738.0359.

Form 941 Error in QuickBooks Desktop

Reasons for the “Restore Failed” error in QuickBooks

There are number of reasons for this backup restore operation’s failure include:

  • Over the backup, a current corporate file is being restored.
  • The company’s file name contains peculiar characters.
  • The backup saved on a USB flash drive is restored to a network drive rather than a local computer.
  • The file that was recovered is not an actual QuickBooks backup file.
  • The backup is being moved to an older version of QuickBooks, but it was originally made in a more recent version.
  • The corporate file has errors or other problems.

QuickBooks data migration service

1. When performing a restoration, avoid overwriting an existing business file.

The fundamental file-saving principles include this. Navigate to the folder you wish to save the file in before saving the file that is being restored. If the file’s name conflicts with the name of an existing business file, choose an alternative name.

1 In order to restore a backup, follow these steps:

  • Browse to the chosen location to save the file when asked where to save it when prompted.
  • You will receive the notice “The file name exists” if the name of the file you wish to save is the same as another file in the folder. Do you want to replace this file?
  • Select NO.
  • The file should have a new name.

For a speedy resolution of the QuickBooks Restore Failed Error, we advise that you carry out each troubleshooting step in the prescribed order.

2 the QuickBooks Backup Company file in the first step.

The following is a list of the special characters used in the book of characters of the Par Remove them using the steps below if you have any.

  • Find the company file with the.qbb extension in the C: Users Public Documents Intuit QuickBooks folder by using Windows File Manager.
  • Rename the file by using the right-click menu.
  • Save the file after removing any special characters like %#@!&*() +.

2. Remove special characters from the file name of the company.

The file name should not contain any special characters like />!$. Remove any such characters from your company file, then rename the document.

3. Before restoring a backup, copy the backup to the local system.

Prior to restoring a backup stored on network storage or external media like a USB disc, it is advisable to make a local copy of the backup.
If the USB connection or the network are disrupted, you can avoid the backup process terminating suddenly by doing this.

A similar error during the restore process could result in the QBB file’s data becoming permanently corrupt.

Step 3: Confirm the QuickBooks Desktop application version.

To create the backup file, be sure to use a current version of QuickBooks Desktop. For instance, you cannot restore the backup file you produced in QuickBooks 2019 to QuickBooks 2018.

Step 4: Transfer the company file to the computer’s local storage.

If your company file is located on an external or network drive, copy it to your computer’s local storage first before attempting to restore it in QuickBooks from this new location. General connectivity concerns when accessing the data file from an external source can interfere with the backup and restore process.

Repair the harmed Company Data File in step five.

If you are familiar with the operation of QuickBooks File Doctor, fixing damage to the company file is a straightforward task. The File Doctor utility may be launched using the QuickBooks Utility Hub, which you can get by heading to its official download website.

  • Open the Company File Issues tab in QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Choose QuickBooks File Doctor and use the browse button to choose the company file you want to recover.
  • Selecting this option will cause File Doctor to detect and repair any damage to the company file automatically.

Step 6: Make a New Folder to Store the Company File Backup

QuickBooks cannot repair the backup of the company file if the folder containing the backup file is damaged. We’ll make a new folder using the guidelines below, then restore the backup from there.

  • Copy the business file into a new folder after creating it.
  • If the error results from a damaged folder, try restoring the company file from this new folder to see if that fixes it.
  • Click Properties from the context menu of the backup file. If the file size is less than 6MB, delete the existing backup file and create a new one.

While you should always keep a copy of your QuickBooks company files (QBW) on hand in case something goes wrong, it may also be a good idea to keep a reliable QuickBooks repair program.. The software streamlines and expedites the process of fixing a corporate file. Additionally, it enables the restoration of QBW file data from a backup file (QBB). For quick expert help for restore a quickbooks backup file, dial +1 855.738.0359.


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