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Where And How To Buy Abortion Pills in Dubai?

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How to Use Abortion Pills in Dubai. It’s a story of a girl living in Dubai. At the start of the pill hunt when I discovered my pregnancy, she was 4 months old. I quickly did a tour on the internet to find out how to have an abortion. I then learned that it was possible for me to do it safely from the comfort of my home with abortion pills. These pills are misoprostol and mifepristone. I also managed to see how to buy abortion pills in Dubai and it seemed quite simple and manageable. But where and how can I get these pills? It was there that I embarked on a veritable hunt for abortion pills in a country where abortion laws and society were completely against me.

Abortion Pill: Buy Online

Continuing in the same vein with my research online, I found a credible and certified company that could deliver the pills to me. Although this option seemed perfect, it was out of my budget. There were also these clandestine sellers on social networks where the prices varied a lot, which did not really reassure me as to the quality of the pills they could provide.

Pharmacy or Drug Sellers

I decided to try my luck by going to the source of the drugs directly, that is to say, the pharmacy. Obviously, given the restrictive laws on buy abortion pills in Dubai, access to abortion pills is only possible with a signed and sealed medical prescription. I had learned that some pharmacies dispense abortion pills without a prescription. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to come across any of them. It was then that I began to go to the street medicine vendors, who did not ask for a prescription. With them, it was simpler and at an affordable price, but I didn’t have the possibility to check the quality of the products, so I decided not to expose myself to greater risk.

Health Staff

Having the knowledge that works in the healthcare field can be helpful in this situation. They may be doctors, gynecologists, maieuticians, midwives, nurses, in training, or already active in a professional environment. A friend told me a few years ago that a maieutician had given her cousin products to swallow when she was pregnant and did not want the pregnancy. I figured out with the unfolding of events that it was an abortion after reading an article about what to expect after an abortion. However, for my part, everyone I contacted became moralizers without giving me concrete help, although they were able to do so.

Bringing the pills from a country where access to them does not require a medical prescription I then remembered that countries with unrestricted abortion laws provide access to these pills without a prescription. Benin is one of those countries in the West African sub-region with a flexible abortion law. So I thought of asking an acquaintance who lives there to buy them and send them to me in parcels through a bus station. It was impossible for me to reach the acquaintance in question and I changed my mind. This is where it comes to my mind that people living in France and returning home in the following days could do the trick. Alas, I couldn’t get anyone to do me this favor.

local organizations working in sexual and reproductive health

Still, in my online research, I was able to find local organizations to which I can turn for support for abortion. These organizations are organizations that work solely in the field of sexual and reproductive health and offer a range of services in this direction. It was from one of the organizations that I was finally able to obtain my abortion tablets and assistance in carrying out my abortion in complete confidence.

This obstacle course to gain access to abortion pills has been full of lessons for me, the most important of which is never to give up. I remain convinced that if you ever find yourself in the same situation, one of the options discussed above will certainly save you.

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