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Which Pallet Jack Wheels Do I Need: Nylon Or Polyurethane?

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Choosing the right equipment is critical to maximizing efficiency in warehouses, retail stores, and delivery services. Pallet jacks are the commonly used equipment for moving lightweight loads within a short distance. Such equipment should maximize maneuverability in tight spaces, hence the wheel type being an important consideration.

Depending on the application, these wheels must roll well and minimize damage to the floor surface. Nylon and polyurethane wheels are the best options for pallet loaders, but they can impact operations differently. Therefore, when considering nylon or polyurethane wheels, here is a guide to understanding the differences and making the best choice.

Nylon Wheels

Nylon wheels are more compact and tough to last longer in an industrial setup with multiple obstacles. These wheels are strong enough against spillages and debris presenting them as the best choices for factories and manufacturing industries. However, due to the wheel configuration, they are also louder on a pallet loader which may be inconvenient for areas handling customers daily.


· Long-lasting

· Resistant to punctures

· Resistant to chemicals

· Ideal for rough, cold, and wet floors


· Leaves scratch marks on the floor

· Loud and cause noise pollution

Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane wheels have a smooth finish which mutes the noises when used in areas facing the customers. Unfortunately, these wheels may fall off or get damaged when used on surfaces with metals and other debris. They are also prone to chemical corrosion and can get slippery when in contact with oil and water. However, their quiet construction makes them great for retail areas like supermarkets, where they will not disturb customers.


· Less noisy than nylon wheels

· Best suited for retail environments

· Do not leave marks on the floor


· Unstable on rough floors with debris

· Can easily break down after prolonged usage

Nylon vs. Polyurethane Wheels, Which one is better?

– Impact on Surface

Nylon wheels can be damaging on the surfaces they roll on. They can wear down solid floors over time. Alternatively, polyurethane wheels have a composition that gives them a unique solid composition that does not damage floor surfaces even when carrying heavy loads. They rarely cause scratching or leave marks on the floor.

– Material Hardness

Nylon wheels are used in most pallet loaders in factories and warehouses because of their hardness. You can harden polyurethane wheels to certain degrees, but they may still perform poorly than nylon.

– Noise Production

Nylon wheels are known for making too much noise, especially when used on rough surfaces. Unlike nylon, polyurethane is easy to blend to desired noise ratings for reliable sound-proofing properties. In addition, the flexibility in noise reduction makes these wheels great for use within required sound management targets.

Weight Management

2.5 t pallet truck with nylon wheels can impressively bear heavy loads because they cannot deform or break when loaded with goods. As a result, they are also less susceptible to abrasion and friction. On the other hand, polyurethane has varying formulations which can maintain their integrity when handling heavy goods. However, they are still likely to break, crack or distort when used on rougher surfaces.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Pallet Jack Wheels

1. Type of Floor

The floor type in a warehouse, store, or manufacturing plant determines the wheels to use. If the floor in this area is rougher, nylon wheels will suffice. Nylon wheels can also last longer when used on surfaces with debris. Polyurethane wheels are great for areas with smoother floors free of debris, like supermarkets, institutions, and hospitals.

2. Floor Cleanliness

Polyurethane wheels are the best option when using a pallet loader on floors that need constant cleaning. These wheels are unlikely to leave marks on the floor, which minimizes frequent cleaning. However, using nylon wheels when moving heavy inventory is allowed after closing hours so the staff can clean up any marks left before opening.

Choosing Between Nylon and Polyurethane Pallet Wheels

Both nylon and polyurethane wheels are great for hand pallet jacks for various industrial uses. However, making a choice can be challenging. Getting the best solution narrows down to the environment of usage. Polyurethane wheels are ideal for retail environments or spaces handling customers because they are soft and quiet and operate smoothly in public areas.

Conversely, manufacturers use hard materials to build nylon wheels that survive in rugged environments. They can glide over obstacles and uneven surfaces. In addition, they can handle heavy SKUs, preventing breakdown mid-operations.

Besides capacity and material sturdiness when buying a pallet jack, take a deeper look into the wheels. It is a significant consideration for ensuring streamlining of operational processes. Working with a reputable company is advisable to determine the best solution for a specific industry.

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