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Who should wear Neelam stone and who should not, know the disadvantages

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Neelam stone is the strongest and the fast acting Gemstone in all the Navaratana, It was also known as  Blue Sapphire in the Western culture, but as per Vedic astrology it was known as Neelam Ratan, as it was a highly precious stone and it was belong the Corundum mineral family the Neelam is of the Blue hue, The Neelam Gemstone is the beautiful Gemstone due to its rich blue color and it always in trend.

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is the hardest in all the Navartana as per astrologers this gemstone is so powerful that before wearing this PRecious Gemstone you must take a piece of advice from an experienced astrologer, because every Gemstone has a positive benefit as well as the negative effect also, so if the gemstone is not for you as per your birth chart so avoid that gemstone, don’t buy any gemstone as per bases on the beauty.

 Benefits of Neelam Stone 

Blue Sapphire is a stone that brings success, fame, fortune, health, and protection to its wearer. It helps in overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, fulfilling dreams, improving concentration, and avoiding misfortunes. It also benefits people in creative fields and those who face legal issues.

There are several benefits of wearing Neelam stone here are some of them

  • career success
  • Healthy life
  • Wealthy life 
  • Improve decision-making abilities

career success:- As Per Vedic astrology and modern astrology the Neelam Gemstone is the best in the Navaratna, and this Gemstone helps to Enhance the career on a fruitful path. By wearing this Gemstone it was give a Peaceful Satisfaction you can also call nirvana, bring fame to your life, and also help to increase your reputation and social respect in the wearer’s life. The Neelam gives the Right path for the career.

Healthy life:- By wearing this precious Gemstone it provides you with a massive health benefit, It brings mental peace for the wearer as it also impacts mental health to control stress and anxiety, the Neelam belongs to the planet Saturn, so it also helps to Remove the tension and depression from the wearer life and mind.

Wealthy life:- This Stone is the Fastest because of the reason because this gemstone Brings instant fame, wealth, and success in the wearer’s life. Just wearing the Blue Sapphire stone the Planet Saturn or also known as Shani grah is so impressed when wearing Neelam so it gives you huge wealth and financial gains, By original Blue Sapphire brings prosperity and luxury to the wearer’s life.

Improve decision-making abilities: The Neelam stone helps the wearer in the decision-making abilities, this was one of the most important benefits of wearing the Neelam stone, this stone helps you to make clear and right decisions at the right place. The only condition is That you wear the Original Neelam Stone.

Who Should Wear Neelam Gemstone?

From Ancient times, Vedic astrology has so much faith in these gemstones as from the Vedic astrology the zodiac of Aquarius and Capricorn or we can say that for Kumbh and Makar Rashi, and as per Western science of astrology the Neelam Gemstone is for the  Libra sun sign. As per Western astrology, the one who is born in September the Blue Sapphire gemstone is the Birthstone of that person, So those born in the month of the September also wear the Neelam Stone, but first, take a piece of advice from the astrologer or gemologist.

Moreover, the owners of the zodiac Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus also wear this beautiful blue hue Gemstone And get some magnificent health and wealth benefits, As this beautiful stone is associated with the Shani Grah or planet Saturn so the person who faced these ‘Sadhe Shani Saati’ or ‘Dhaiya’ in their life so that person should wear the Neelam Gemstone.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Neelam Gemstone?

As per Vedic Astrology, the Zodiac signs people of Cancer, Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, and Sagittarius should never wear the Neelam Stone, as per Vedas it was faith that Lord Shani is the enemy sentiments of this zodiac sign people, that’s why this precious is avoidable to wear for this Zodiac sign for auspicious results.

Here are some points that these are the Negative Impacts of wearing the Neelam Gemstone

  • It can cause accidents, injuries, diseases, and death to the wearer if it is cracked or has holes in it
  • It can cause loss of wealth, reputation, status, and happiness if it has a milky tone, spots, or low shine
    • It can cause fear, anxiety, confusion, and mental instability if it has a dual tone or another latent tint
    • It can cause bad and scary dreams, enemy problems, and black magic attacks if it is not worn with proper rituals and precautions
    • It can cause harm to the children and spouse of the wearer if it is not compatible with their horoscopes

    Therefore, it is very important to consult an expert astrologer before wearing Neelam Stone and to test its suitability by wearing it for a trial period


    Neelam stone is a powerful and beautiful gemstone that can bring many benefits to the wearer, such as career success, healthy life, wealthy life, and improved decision-making abilities. However, it can also have negative effects if it is not suitable for the wearer or if it is defective in some way. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer before wearing Neelam stone and to test its suitability by wearing it for a trial period. Neelam stone is not for everyone, but for those who can wear it, it can be a life-changing gemstone. So if you think to Buy a Life changing Gemstone and an Original Gemsrone like Ruby, Yellow sapphire, Red Coral, Pearl, or many more Here you have amazing news “Rashi Ratan Bhagya” is a perfect Stop for you for buying the Loose Gemstone with a certificate of an Authenticity and the labs are certified by the government so if you wanna buy any precious Gemstone so just check out The Rashi Ratan Bhagya website.

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