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Why are Stainless Steel Tanks the Better Choice? 

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When deciding to purchase steel water storage tanks for your business and Industries, there are many aspects to consider. Usually, the most common considerations are cost, size, and location. However, the one concern that each buyer has is the construction material.

Various types of water tanks are available in the market, and they come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, you have tanks made of concrete and PVC. However, stainless steel tanks are considered the number one choice overall. 

To know why it’s so, you have to read this article. Here, we’ll discuss why stainless steel tanks are the right choice.

  1. Free from Corrosion 

Stainless steel water storage containers have a much longer life than steel, PVC, or concrete. It’s naturally immune from oxidation by water, as well as biocides. It is an excellent feature for a business with water or other corrosive materials. Moreover, the external coating is optional for steel water storage tanks. 

  1. Are stainless steel water tanks safe?

Stainless steel tanks offer higher resistance to regular wear and tear, cavitation, and corrosion. These tanks are heat resistant, and the harmful radiation has virtually no effect. It remains unaffected by exposure to harmful radiations and changes in weather. If you choose stainless steel water containers, you can avoid risks such as water contamination, rusting, freezing, cracking, or leaching. 

Barring a few brands, most PVC water tanks are significantly inferior in quality and are prone to bursting, leaching and cracking. It becomes a complete mess whenever such incidents happen. Stainless steel water storage containers give no such problems.

  1. You can easily recycle steel water Stainless Tanks

Stainless steel is one of the safest metal alloys, making it environmentally friendly. In the last few decades, there have been significant innovations in the production process of stainless steel. Such innovations focus on the use of natural energy and resources. Newly stainless steel water tanks comprise almost 60-70% recycled material, making them biodegradable and recyclable. Therefore, water tank stainless steel is good for the environment since it helps in reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturer and the user. As world citizens of this beautiful planet, it’s our responsibility to contribute to making this planet free from pollution.  

  1. It’s more Hygienic

Although concrete storage tanks are much more affordable, users must be aware of their unhygienic side. Such tanks are more susceptible to bacterial growth and chemical contamination. Since the tank has s porous body, it leaches calcium, contaminating the water supply. On the contrary, stainless steel is a hygienic material with high passive film stability. 

This particular quality makes it inert in water. Stainless steel, being a non-porous material, remains entirely leakage-proof. Therefore, the quality of drinking water is more hygienic in it than in a concrete water tank. These days most diseases originate through water contamination. We can keep our family and community free from diseases and infections by taking such small precautions. 

  1. Higher Mobility

Compared to a stainless tank, concrete tanks are heavier in weight. Once you install them, it isn’t easy to shift them. That is why almost every concrete tank remains fixed where people initially installed them. For example, if a company changes its location to a new place, it will also like to shift its entire paraphernalia. But it’s almost impossible to move a concrete plant. 

However, stainless steel containers don’t suffer such handicaps and can be easily moved using a forklift or other suitable means. It also saves a lot of costs that people unnecessarily spend on buying a new tank. Moreover, they also remain relaxed and stress-free. It is also true for households. Imagine the kind of trouble you will go through if you change your house and need to shift the bulky concrete water tank.

  1. Stainless Steel Tanks are more aesthetic

Looks and appearance play an important role. Unlike those made of stainless steel, concrete and PVC tanks don’t look good. They are more of an eyesore, unlike steel tanks that look sleek and smart. Nowadays, people emphasize more on the aesthetic looks of the building. They hire top architects and designers to give a posh look to their offices and manufacturing units. You have a lot of options with stainless steel tanks. They look streamlined and can also be easily painted per your choice to suit any surroundings.

  1. Cost Effective

Tanks made of stainless steel material are sturdy and last much longer than cheaper tanks. It doesn’t require frequent repairs, installations, or maintenance, which significantly reduces a company’s total cost of ownership.

All these benefits of stainless steel water tanks will give you an idea of why their popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. However, buying stainless steel tanks from a reliable dealer is vital. It will ensure that you accept the right product from an authorized manufacturer.

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