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Why does a headache occur? When is the right time to get your regular Headache diagnosed by a neurologist?

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Several disorders happen to our brain at different stages to examine them well and treat them quickly. At that time, the need for a neurologist arrived. There are several Neurologist in Punjab who are available to treat such issues with care and perfection. 

Sometimes the problems cannot be treated only by medicine. Advanced technology has improved several surgeries to treat some major disorders. To perform such surgeries, neurosurgeon in ludhiana are always available and are one of the best in the whole state. 

There are many different types of disorders with the same symptoms at an early stage. Headache is one of the significant symptoms of problems occurring in the brain. Taking it seriously is not an option. It is necessary. 

They occur when the pain trigeminal nerve sends a pain-sensitive message to a relay station of the brain known as the thalamus.

These were some significant causes of Headaches: 

There are a number of reasons why Headache occurs, as this is the most type of pain that happens in everybody’s body. , muscular pain, issues related to the eye, irregular diet, and hormonal imbalances. Due to all these reasons, Headache occurs. Sometimes side effects of some medications can also cause headaches. 

In some cases, it becomes worse at that time. It becomes a symptom of a neurological disorder, or a person has migraines. The pain during migraines is unbearable and becomes insufferable. 

Below listed signs indicate to consult a neurologist soon:

Headaches remain for long hours: if the Headache stays for longer times, like from hours to days, and continues to have pain, then it can be dangerous to consult a neurologist fast.

If you get fits: if you feel sessions of jerking and shaking often during Headache must consult a neuro specialist as this indicates the situation of Epilepsy. 

The intensity is higher than usual: if the pain is insufferable and medication is not working enough, you should consult a neurosurgeon fast.

Vision got blurred: while having a headache, if you face issues with blurred vision or fainting, you need to get properly diagnosed by a neurologist. It indicates neurological disorders.

Having headaches early morning: early morning headaches are the most significant symptom that you have issues in the nervous system. Book your consultation right away. This may indicate problems related to the spinal cord or nervous system.  

How to explain your condition to your doctor adequately:  

If you answer all these questions, the neurologist can understand your issue through discussion and confession. It helps in diagnosing it better through suitable medications for your body. 

How long have you been having severe headaches?

Do you use medication to slow them down?

Does your vision get blurred?

Does Headache affect your body physically?

Which activities trigger headaches?

Neurologists can perform several tests to learn about the disease:

Physical examination: can perform several physical tests to know about the main reason for the Headache. As headaches also occur due to spinal cord issues as well. 

MRI scans: doctors may perform MRI or ECG to know more about the condition of the brain.

Blood examination: they can suggest you undergo a blood test to make sure about the proper intake of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Previous medical history: a neurologist will surely ask you about previous medications and diseases if you have suffered to know the root cause of the disorder.  

In last, after proper examination, the neurologist can prescribe a medicine to get rid of headaches. If the Headache indicates a major disorder, then the doctors can start treatment at an early stage to get better results. 


To get the assistance of the best neurologist in Ludhiana, you can visit Neuro Life Brain and Spine centre, as they are well-known for their personalised care and satisfactory results of the treatment.

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