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Why You Should Use React Native in Mobile App Development?

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React Native an open-source framework from Facebook makes use of JavaScript as its core programming language. It can certainly lower the development time by enhancing the performance of cross-platform apps. So, for Android, you need to program using Java, while for iOS, you may be using Swift/Objective C. This technology helps you to get away from all these requirements and make completely functional apps on both Android and iOS platforms using one code base. Take a React Native Full Stack Course in Noida to make your expertise in this framework. Also, today most companies prefer creating apps using React Native because it saves their big span of time. 

React Native for Mobile App Development

1. Cross-platform compatibility

Its best feature is its use of one codebase. So, the cross-platform apps show performance just like the native apps. This technology makes use of React JS with a native UI library and APIs for writing code bases of one application that run simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms.

For a web app using React JS, you can re-use the state management features and component logic to build a better mobile application with all native functionalities. This further lowers the development time and allows you to keep the overall app development cost even lower.

2. Reusable code 

Basically, you can reuse the written code for both the platforms of iOS and Android apps. React Native even follows the same principle. It follows the criteria of writing once and launching everywhere. This adds much more convenience to all developers. They don’t require making separate designs for multiple platforms. Additionally, with an existing web app, the company can use most of its code to create another mobile app.

3. Coding in a familiar programming language

To make your app with the help of this technology, you do not require your developers to learn a separate language and coding syntaxes if they are already known with JavaScript.

React Native is indeed easy to learn if the developer has some basic knowledge of JavaScript or React. Moreover, they only need to know which mobile components correspond properly with other web components.

4. Trustworthy

Before developing and launching React Native, Facebook made a mobile app to examine the platform’s viability. With it, developers could build amazing mobile apps for all social media platforms. Today, everyone is familiar with Facebook mobile app, it certainly gives you a feeling of using a good native mobile app. As this technology is open-source, most companies use this technology to build their own mobile apps. 

5. Build high-performing apps

React Native uses a simple binding process for all its codebases. In order to change one object, you just need to modify its state before updating. This will further help you develop a more stable as well as reliable application for both cross-platform development methods.

When building a new mobile app from scratch, this technology seems to be a great option. 

6. Support of third-party plugins

React Native also provides third-party plugin support. The two kinds of plugins that are applicable are Native Modules and other JavaScript Modules. So, if you look to add Google Calendar or Google Maps to your usual app, then React Native allows you to link any plugin with a Native or third-party module.

7. Growing all the time

The massive community of Facebook is regularly working on the necessary improvements of this technology. So, overall, you will always have a solution to a problem. Even at present or maybe later. 


React Native indeed offers a lot of unique benefits. It is even faster to build, offers good quality, provides you the experience of a Native app without even developing one, and many more. However, depending on your business requirements you can choose the technology. With a React Native Full Stack Online Training learn the necessities and requirements for this framework. Become proficient in this framework and enjoy more opportunities at your hand. 

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