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Wrong myths stopping you from buying frozen food? It’s time to bust them

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With the world becoming fast-paced due to technological evolution and making lifestyles hectic with busy schedules, many people are cutting down the time spent on food preparation and going for fixing quick meals. This is where frozen foods bring in abundant application and immense popularity for preventing food wastage. 

When you invest in them, you will always have something to eat at home. Moreover, having frozen leftover meal products, there would be less food waste. However, due to the existing misconceptions, many people are limiting themselves from enjoying its benefits. Let’s bust those myths below with facts. 

Frozen foods are less nutritious than fresh foods

One of the most popular myths about frozen meal is that it contains less nutritional value than fresh food materials. Sure a frozen pizza or other pre-cooked frozen instant meal may not be packed with the exact amount of minerals or vitamins; when you have vegetable salad or frozen fruits, it would have the same nutrients present in them as a homemade salad, and sometimes it’s more too. 

Studies have shown that between frozen and fresh veggies, peas, spinach, green beans, carrots, and broccoli have the same range of nutrients.

Frozen foods are too processed with preservatives

The second popular myth about frozen meal is that they contain a high level of preservatives. This means they are unhealthy. However, some contain preservatives, such as a range of fresh foods. Some preservatives involve enzymes that are responsible for the ripening of produce, meats, and other foods. 

But when introduced to freezing temperatures, these preservatives become inactive, which allows the product to stay in that state for a long time.

The frozen temperature makes the moisture in the food dysfunctional, too, which prevents the growth of microorganisms that preserves food. Consumers can choose to buy frozen products and ready-to-eat foods with no preservatives going through the ingredients section. 

Too much sodium, sugar, and cholesterol are present in frozen foods

Just like the high preservatives myth, are also notorious for having too much sodium, cholesterol, and sugar.

Although sodium’s natural preservation power is very much a reality in ready-to-eat meals, many brands are now coming up with low-sodium frozen food products on their menus.

Frozen Foods are Expensive

People generally come to think that frozen food is expensive since different packaging procedures and processing mechanisms are used for frozen foods. But just like fresh food, are quite cost-effective as you can save your expenses by delaying refilling the pantry and preventing food wastage using proper freezing and defrosting techniques. 

Hence, buying frozen food items is the appropriate solution to save money. There is more efficiency in production, low transportation cost, compact food packaging, and low food spoilage because of the short transportation duration from harvesting and processing. Moreover, freezer section food can expire late if you store it properly and eat it after thawing.  

Freezing food kills bacteria

Killing up bacteria through freezing can be a nice solution for food safety. However, freezing food would not kill bacteria or other harmful elements in the food. But you should know that bacteria, like all other nutritional qualities in frozen food, may survive in freezing temps inactively.

Even after you have thawed the food, they might still be there. Follow through with the recommended temperature for cooking the food to eliminate bacteria and consume safe food. 

Defrosting and freezing myths

There is a range of myths surrounding freezing and defrosting conditions of freezing foods.

Additionally, consumers also think once thawed, frozen foods can’t freeze. You can safely freeze and refreeze food safely if you apply the two hours rule or one hour in case of over 90-degree temperature. Always follow the recommended storing procedure to keep the item long-lasting. 

If the frozen food section has been the last place you look for healthy, the above discussion must have helped you discover and reshape your misconceptions about. Now you can invest in them the convenience to have lean frozen products without sacrificing nutrition available at all budgets.

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